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My 8 Favorite Summer Things

Summer is a great time of year. My little family and I love all the little things that come with the warmer weather. From going on little trips, to decorating my home a little differently, I find that summer is a delightful time. Here are some of my favorite summer things

Fun Accessories

While winter is all about scarves and cozy sweaters, summer is filled with bright, chic, and even functional accessories. I love getting new sunglasses each year. The trends change annually, so it’s always fun to try a new style. You want to get sunglasses with all the right qualities. Sheer shawls, bright jewelry, and dazzling earrings are also fun ways to switch up your look in the summertime.

Time With Family And Friends

Because kids are off school, there is more time for the people you love. Whether you invite people over for an evening gathering, or go to a park together, summer is time for rest and time to enjoy people. I love setting up my home to have others over for summer meals. It’s the best also because people are less busy with activities after school.

Better Weather For Exercise

Winter can be harsh. This makes it more difficult to get outdoors and exercise. I love when the weather warms up and the birds start chirping so me and Seb can get outside. We love going for walks, and I love getting to run around and play outside. The warmer weather is such a nice change, and we enjoy all the feeling it gives us.

Cool Drinks

Winter comes with delicious warm beverages like hot chocolate and warm cider. But summer brings frozen slushies, fruit drinks, and even adult choices like frozen margarita pops. Seb can enjoy a pop of his own, while mummy gets her own tasty treat. I don’t share. I love the iced versions of all my favorites like coffee and tea as well. Summer drinks are a refreshing change from the hot beverages in cooler weather.

Going Away on Holiday

Summer holidays to our favorite coasts are the best. I love getting away from our daily life to pause and reset. It’s one of the best parts of our summer. And all those memories I am making with Seb are the best. I enjoy time on the beach, exploring new towns, and even finding new trails to walk. Holidays are my favorite, and you can’t beat that feeling of walking into a crisp, air-conditioned hotel room after a long day out in the sun. I’ve even tried replicating that feeling in my own home by having air conditioning fitted. A site like is a good place to go if you want to recreate that holiday feeling at home too. It’s not quite the same, but it’s still soooo worth it.

New Home Décor

You all know how much I love to decorate. Summer is a great time to refresh decorations. If you don’t like a lot of clutter, this is one of the best ways to enjoy your belongings. Just rotate in some new items and take out the old. New table cloths, napkins, and a few of your favorite pieces can make your home look like new. Okay, maybe not all the way new, but it certainly gives it a facelift. I love being able to make simple changes that give a huge impact.

Fresh Foods

Summer fruits and vegetables are amazing. Whether we go strawberry picking or buy produce from local farms, we love how summer makes everything taste better. I know how good these fresh items are for our health and I love getting more of them all summer long. It’s also fun to support our local farms and small businesses. I love taking berries home to make a simple dessert, eat them chopped over ice cream, or even make a quick batch of jam or jelly.


Fields of flowers are so beautiful! Have you ever seen fields that seem to go on forever of lavender or sunflowers? These flowers are incredible. Summer is perfect to enjoy these fragrant fields. There is something I find relaxing about walks in nature. The bright colors of all the flowers just makes my mood so much brighter. I also enjoy taking photos in these fields. Each year they are so different even if the flowers are the same. The unique shades of color that arise make it a fun summer activity and one of my favorite parts of the warmer weather.

Summer comes with more sunshine and more things to do. While my most favorite things are the extra time with the people I love, these little extras make the warm weather that much more special to enjoy.