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My Home

Home really is where the heart is.

Sweden, like Florida in the US and other places around the globe, is known for being the home of chic interiors. This is something I’ve tried hard to keep with me as I build my own home here in the UK. I am pretty sure that people living across the pond are always trying to do that with their homes.

As amateur interior designers, we’re all plagued with having our style, and somethings this can be a blessing and a curse. There are many times when I have very different opinions. I have had enough encounters with people where I have seen them wanting something I’d never dream of putting in my home but that is the beauty of interior design and your home, it’s so uniquely individual.

I mean, who would want their home to look like someone else’s anyway?

We spend so much time in our little bubbles of home that it makes sense for them to be as nice as we can make them and a little investment and the smallest of changes really do go a long way.


The kitchen really is the heart of the home, which is why it should be a social place, designed for gathering, chatting, and cooking.

I like my kitchen to be really simple in design, and in tones of creams, greys, and whites. I like to leave the worktops as uncluttered as possible. But doing this needs a good storage space, which is why I am considering kitchen remodeling so that I can add pull-out shelves, pegboards, cabinets, and utility carts, without making the area look cluttered or overcrowded. The right blend of functionality and aesthetics in the kitchen design can ensure that I get a workable and appealing space for my cooking rituals.

Once the renovation is done, and I get what I have in my mind, I would like to add a few finishing touches, such as a few fresh herb pots, a bright kettle and toaster, a brimming fruit bowl, and unique ornaments on the windowsill.

Living with Lindsey - my home

Living Room

Again, in my opinion, minimal is key and this includes the living room.

Minimal doesn’t have to mean cold though as most people believe. By collaborating with a professional similar to Helen Coulston, you can make your living room minimal, yet inviting, cozy, and a place to relax. The center of your living room should revolve around a big, comfy sofa that screams come and sit on me, a log-burning fire, and a stylish coffee table.

A feature wall is a perfect way to add style to your living room and really make it extra special whilst being key to setting the colour scheme. Accessories are essential in any living room, we’re talking about photos, rugs, candles, and coffee table books. You can also colour-coordinate your sofa set with the carpet to have an interior theme going in the living room.

Ensure that you keep your living room clean and dust-free to maintain hygiene and overall aesthetics. You can mop floors and do dusting once or twice a week to have a pristine area where you may even entertain guests and relatives. As for the carpets and rugs, you can look for a professional cleaning company since carpets could accumulate dust and are hard to wash at home. If you live in a location such as Brisbane suburbs, you can click here or search online for carpet cleaning services.

Moreover, your living room should be a reflection of you so keep it spotless and organized, and don’t be afraid to put your stamp on it.

Living with Lindsey - my home


The bedroom should be two things, relaxing and stylish.

It’s where you wake up every morning and the last place you’ll be before you go to sleep. This means that it should be a place of serenity and inspiration.

I’m a sucker for an inviting bed which means all of the bed accessories inducing throws, a down duvet and of course, 10 big pillows. The mess should be kept to a minimum which is why storage is essential; built-in wardrobes, bedside tables and chest of draws are key to keeping your bedroom both stylish and practical.

Living with Lindsey - my home


Clutter in the bathroom is one of my biggest pet peeves, it is probably why I have a huge built-in cupboard behind my mirror that is home to a million bottles of lotions and potions.

Pastel colours are best in the bathroom and I think the best floor is always a traditional tiled floor. It can be the centrepiece of the bathroom and if there is space I’ll always encourage clients to opt for a stand-alone bath.

Living with Lindsey - my home