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My Organised Mess of a Work Desk

For productivity driven reasons, I have two work desks which are located in two different places, one being the official office space I use to run my parallel consulting business while the other is that which is neatly tucked away in my home study turned home office. Do you know how you would be able to tell that both these desks belong to yours truly if you had picture of each of them side-by-side?

Well, they’re both normally in a state of utter chaos!

It only appears to be utter chaos though. I would prefer to rather refer to it using a medically backed term (in the medical field of psychology) – an organised mess! The explanation behind the concept of an organised mess makes me less reluctant and embarrassed to share #MyDeskStory, simply because the organised mess psychologically represents how our brains really function.

It is indeed an organised mess, not organised into neat little cabinets, straight lines and the likes, and yet just like our brains, we can access everything we need with consummate ease whenever the need arises. I know where everything is on any of my desks and I wish I could’ve taken a picture of the “best” of these organised messes before I bought a new desk from retailer Furniture At Work. I’ll get busy creating an organised mess on the brand new one too…

No matter – what’s important to communicate is the selection of some of the items which make for a permanent fixture on my work desk area, including what I would refer to as the undisputed procrastination tool; the Newton’s cradle! Each swing of the pendulum represents the use of my time sitting at my desk before getting any meaningful work done, assuming the form of something of a swing between a rock and a hard place.

If my desk IS all neatly organised and straightened out, it simply means I spent a couple of minutes too many straightening it out instead of working, only to move on to the next activity which aids my procrastination – playing with the Newton’s Cradel…