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My Review of the GetInsta App – Getting Instant Followers and Likes

I think I’d be correct in saying I’ve come a long way from the days when I first started blogging. I used to write a lot about the topic of blogging itself, but that has since given way to what my blog is all about, which is of course lifestyle and parenting. In this post however, we’re touching base with some technicalities around blogging, particularly that part of marketing one’s blog involving developing a social media presence. Visiting websites such as Venturebeat and viewing the articles on there regarding Instagram likes and the importance of a social media presence really helped me to understand social media marketing.

Instagram comes into the spotlight, with a particular application one can use to get instant followers and post likes on the Gram. Now I’ve been on Instagram for a while, seen the rise and fall of different Instagram services (Ingramer is one of the best services apparently), but this one seems to be sticking. It’s called GetInsta and I personally used it on somewhat of a trial run to see if I could bump up my numbers on the Gram. My friends have gone down the route of choosing to buy automatic Instagram likes, so I wanted to see what gaining more followers would do for my account. So I went the free Instagram followers route, which basically follows the following terrace:

First you download the app, which is available for free. It supports all the platforms anyone would use for something like their Instagram activity, but you don’t necessarily have to download the app to the same device on which you actually use Instagram.

So it’s available for Mac and Windows, so too on the App Store and on Google Play. I downloaded it to my Windows PC (laptop).

You then proceed to install it and very soon you’ll be up-and-running.

It’s a very simple interface that I didn’t have trouble understanding how to get around on, once the application was installed and I fired it up for the first time.

You then proceed to add your Instagram accounts, which will require you to log in via the app. Nothing to worry about, as it’s pretty much the same as how you commonly sign-in with the likes of your Gmail account or your Facebook account on some platforms. I’ve been using it for over a week now, I think, and I’ve had no issues around safety and security to worry about.

You might get a notification about having logged in from a new device, which is perfectly normal since you are indeed logging in from a different “device.” That’s the regular notification you get in the inbox of the email account with which you registered for an Instagram account.

Now comes the fun part, which entails building up your collection of coins which you can then eventually exchange for the equivalent number of likes or followers you want. As of the writing of this review, I noticed that they have a special promo running, offering a 1000 free Instagram followers trial.

The free followers trial just depends on the existing data associated with your Intagram account, so if you’re an active poster you might even be in for a more generous followers trial.

So the fun bit entails collecting coins by completing tasks that inevitably include following other Instagramers presented to you via the app, or liking their posts.

There’s an option to purchase likes with real money, but in my case I completed many tasks as often as I could to eventually build up enough coins to redeem for 1000 followers.