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Need money quick? – sell your valuables

At some point, most of us face some sort of financial crisis. Even if you are relatively careful with your money and keep track of everything, you can still get into trouble and run out of cash. All it takes is for the car that you rely upon to get to work to suddenly stop working for you to need money to repair or replace it – and fast.

In that situation, if you have no money in the bank and have already maxed out your credit, selling some valuables is usually the best solution. So if you are wondering “how do I sell my gold” despite the CoVid situation, don’t worry, as I have the solution for you. Of course, selling your gold is a simple way of getting your hands on some cash, quickly. But don’t forget that is not all you can sell. Other items like used electronics, good quality clothes or footwear, even decorative items can also easily be sold on but gold is usually something that retains its value over the years, making it a sound investment.

Sell locally

One option is to sell everything locally. Doing so has some advantages. Once you find a buyer you can normally carry out the exchange fairly quickly. Selling locally works well for items that are in high demand. For example, the new iPhone would almost certainly sell within hours, whereas you would be hard-pressed to find a buyer for an old Nokia. So, sometimes selling locally is not the answer because it will take you too long to find a buyer.

Sell online

In that situation, the best option is usually to go online and find a buyer that way. There are firms out there that will buy practically anything you have. Some companies, like MusicMagpie, buy different types of electrical items and mobile phones. While others like Depop focus on one thing, in this case, clothing. They buy and sell mainly streetwear.

Getting the best price if you sell online

If you do decide to sell online, it is always worth looking at all of the options. Separate what you have into piles and spend a little while finding out what each platform will offer you for the items you have available. It is particularly important to do this with clothing and accessories. If you have a pair of classic Doc Martens to sell (that are in good condition) you will usually find that a vintage fashion store will pay good money for them. Whereas the firms that will buy any kind of clothing item will give you virtually nothing for them. If indeed they will buy them at all. This article is well worth reading if you do plan to sell your clothes online. It explains how to shop around and get the best price.

Sell before you need the money

Getting into the habit of going through your things every month and selling what you longer want is a good idea. Even with the suggestions I have made above, you will have to wait about a week before you get your money. So, if you can do so, sell as you go and lock the money you make doing that away in a rainy-day account. That way if you face a cash emergency you will immediately have the funds to deal with it.