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Non-Permanent Ways to Experiment with Your Style

For a lot of us, style is an ever-evolving concept. As we get older and grow as people, our style naturally changes. Not many 30-year-olds still the same way they did when they were 14 and in high school – changing style is a natural part of life. Despite this, it can be a bit tricky to know what your true style is and how it might suit you. It usually takes a bit of experimenting and trial and error to get there.

Whilst you’re in the changeover phase and you’re trying to work out a new style, there’s a good chance you’ll want to change more than just your makeup or the fit of jeans you wear. The problem arises when you start making permanent changes to your appearance, such as a haircut, only to find that you don’t like it and it’s just a phase or it doesn’t suit you.

Instead of making permanent changes when you want to mix it up, look for temporary yet realistic ways of experimenting. If you’re unsure of the best temporary ways you can play with your style, we’ve put together some of the easiest ways for you.

Temporary Tattoos

You don’t need us to tell you that a tattoo is permanent, so before you dive in and impulsively choose a style or position you’re not sure on, it’s a good idea to try temporary tattoos. When you think of a fake tattoo, you might be thinking of the ones that come for free in candy or cereal packs for children, but temporary tattoos have advanced far beyond this (for adults at least).

There are lots of temporary tattoo companies online who supply real-looking adult tattoos in almost every style imaginable. Whatever style you’re thinking of, be it floral or celestial, there’s a good chance you’ll find something similar in one of these collections. By choosing a temporary tattoo, you can become more certain about whether this style will suit you. If you don’t like it, it’ll wash off within two weeks!

Hair Extensions

Hair is one of the most defining features on a person, and if a haircut or hairstyle doesn’t turn out quite like you imagined it would, your confidence may well be knocked. We’ve all had at least one experience of getting a haircut and crying real tears afterwards. To avoid this, try hair extensions or wigs.

You can buy them in almost any color, length, or style. With hair extensions or wigs, it’s easy for you to try something new without worrying about damaging your real hair. Whether you want to see how a certain color would look on you, or if you want to see if it’s worth growing/chopping your hair, you can try something new without the commitment through faux hair. You can even try bangs!

Borrow Clothes

Another major aspect of style is clothes. Clothes define who we are and what we’re like, and ultimately, they make us feel confident. If you’re clothes don’t make you feel happy, then it’s high time to try a new style. You might want to try a more retro look, or perhaps move to a more preppy style. Whatever you’re thinking, buying a whole new wardrobe to suit is expensive.

With this in mind, rather than heading straight to the mall, ask your friends if you can borrow their clothes. If none of your friends have clothes that match the style you want to replicate, try a fashion rental site! It’s a far more affordable way of trying something new without having to commit to it immediately.