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Non-Surgical Sports Medicine Treatments

There are dozens of sports played in Sugar Land. If you suffer from a sports injury, you should visit a Sugar Land sports medicine specialist. They are the medical experts best suited to address your injury.

If you are a sports fan, you know that serious sports injuries are usually treated using surgery. However, the best sports medicine specialists prefer only to use surgery when necessary and if they have to do it, they will opt for minimally invasive procedures.

On the other hand, a sports medicine specialist will usually try non-surgical approaches before recommending surgery such as:

Icing and Heating the Injury

Cold and heat both have interesting effects on the body especially on muscular injuries. However, they have different effects and are often used separately.

If you feel a lot of pain in the injured body part, then the sports medicine specialist will most likely recommend that you ice it. It will relieve the pain by numbing the body part and also relieve inflammation.

You may also be advised to apply heat to the area though it is often indirectly, for example using a warm washcloth. Heating an injured body part has the effect of reducing swelling and inflammation.

Over the Counter Pain Medication

One of the short-term approaches a sports medicine specialist may use is pain medication. It will help with pain relief and allow you to use the body part in a limited capacity.

There are plenty of options as far as pain medication is concerned. You can get them over the counter or get a prescription from your doctor.

The biggest risk of using pain medication to address a sports injury is the chance of addiction. Many people have become addicted to their pain medication which has caused a crisis in the United States and many other developed countries.

Physical Aids

One solution, though not a conclusive treatment, is the use of aids to help relieve stress to the injured part. An injured body part needs as much rest as possible for it to recover optimally.

There is a wide variety of physical aids for addressing sports injuries. Wearing a brace, elbow compression sleeve, using crutches, etc., are examples of physical aids used to help treat physical injuries.

With the rapid progress of technology more advanced physical aids have been developed particularly in the field of robotics. Many more people are adopting technology to help their sports injuries heal even though temporarily while some treatments may be permanent such as prosthetic appendages.

Physical Therapy

The body is naturally equipped to repair any damage that happens to it. How quickly or effectively the injury heals will largely depend on the individual.

Physical therapy is an approach that aims to use the body’s natural healing capacity to remedy sports injuries. You may have to undergo physical therapy even after the surgical treatment of a sports injury. If all of the above does not help then you may require the services of to see if you are eligible for Social Security Disability.

The main aim of physical therapy is to strengthen the muscles, tissues, and tendons so that the injury heals without external aid. It will also help prevent injuries in the future if your body is better equipped to handle the stress that caused the injury.