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On a Budget: How to Use a SlickDeals Promo Code on StockX

Who said you have to pay full price for trendy sneakers, vintage handbags, and other posh collectibles? If you’ve been eyeing a limited edition pair of sneakers, Yeezys, or another high-dollar item on StockX, you can likely find discount codes on sites like SlickDeals. Shop smarter, not harder, with SlickDeals, and you’ll save big.

What is StockX?

Similar to eBay or Poshmark, StockX is a platform that connects buyers and sellers to brand new, unworn luxury items. This site facilitates an auction where buyers can outbid one another or buy the item outright at a predetermined price. StockX has a multi-step authentication process where items are thoroughly vetted using both real people and technology. According to their website, StockX has a 99.95% accuracy rate, so you can be confident that the items you’re purchasing are legit.

What is SlickDeals?

SlickDeals is a reputable deal-sharing platform where real shoppers around the world share discounts, deals, and coupon codes in real-time. The crowdsourcing platform taps into its network of over 11 million shoppers to help consumers save money on purchases from countless online stores.

With over $10 billion in consumer savings over the last 20 years, SlickDeals has been ranked as one of the best money-saving platforms by media giants such as Today, Good Morning America, People, and more.

How to Use a SlickDeals Promo Code on StockX:

  1. Head to the StockX page on the SlickDeals website:
  2. Browse current sales, discount codes, and offers for products and categories on StockX.
  3. Save the code(s) most applicable to your purchase and enter the unique characters in the “discount code” section, which is directly under the “place bid” and “buy now” buttons on the product listing.

Other Tips:

  • Don’t be discouraged if you can’t immediately find a code that works for you. New promo codes are constantly popping up and disappearing.
  • SlickDeals allows users to create Deal Alerts, so you’ll be notified when there is a new promo code for your favorite store.
  • You can also add SlickDeals as a Google Chrome extension for easy access to savings with just the click of a button.
  • Download the SlickDeals app on your smartphone for easy access to deals on the go.

Create a Personal SlickDeals Account and Save Even More

With nothing to lose and money to gain, there are many perks to creating your own SlickDeals account.

By creating a personal profile, you’ll achieve a custom shopping (and saving) experience that is unique to your shopping habits. SlickDeals users are able to post undiscovered deals, helping other shoppers just like you. Users can also sign up for the SlickDeals Rewards Program to earn PayPal credit and other gift cards.

SlickDeals 101:

SlickDeals has helpful video tutorials posted on their website where users can learn how to become a SlickDeals pro. Head to the link below to learn how to post deals, make it to the front page, and put more money in consumer’s pockets: