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Operating While Intoxicated

The penalty for drinking and driving in Door County, Wisconsin, can be quite steep. Any first time offender would want to do everything they can to fight the charges and get them dismissed. If one fails to defend themselves properly, they can lose their license and possibly end up in jail. A second arrest for OWI will have much worse consequences. Due to the serious threat that drunk driving poses to the public, prosecutors are reluctant to drop DUI (called OWI in Wisconsin) charges. They do everything possible to make the process difficult for the accused. To come out successful, one will need the services of an aggressive DUI lawyer in Door County.The lawyer will take them through a systematic process to help them negotiate with the prosecutor and come out successful.

Hire a Lawyer

Although one is eligible to get a state-appointed criminal-defense attorney, hiring a private lawyer would be much easier to get their OWI charges dropped. One should know that the best and most affordable attorneys don’t necessarily have great ads. An attorney who practices in one’s local area is the ideal choice because they are familiar with the prosecutors and judges. They must have sufficient, extensive experience with a good reputation.

A seasoned lawyer in Door County will offer a free initial consultation that costs nothing but time. Make a list of questions ahead of the consultation to cover as much information as one can. One must ensure that they understand everything pertaining to their case. Moreover, one should resist the urge to select a lawyer just because they charge the lowest fees. They may not be the best choice.

Building the Case

The direction of the case will highly depend on the kind of evidence the prosecution has against the defendant. If the charges are purely based on the field sobriety test, there is a good chance the case will be dropped. Field sobriety tests are the most difficult to prove, especially if there is no other evidence of intoxication. Sobriety tests are mostly based on the officer’s observation, which can sometimes be flawed. Breathalyzer tests are more difficult to challenge.

Additionally, many medical conditions can interfere with the test results. For instance, certain types of diet like Atkins-style diet produce alcohol when ingested, and the breathalyzer cannot tell the difference. A leg injury may also cause the defendant to fail a sobriety test, though their driving ability is not impaired. The prosecuting attorney will provide the defendant’s lawyer with all the evidence they have against the defendant. They will look at the context of the stop, and what probable cause the officer had for pulling the defendant over.

Working with the Prosecutor

If there are any required driving classes that those convicted of OWI are required to attend, they should make prompt arrangements to complete them. This sends a positive signal to the prosecutor that one is taking steps to be more responsible. Taking the class does not mean that one is admitting guilt. Rather, it shows that one is proactive. The lawyer might discuss the possibility of plea bargains before the trial begins. Prosecutors in Door County are usually unwilling to drop OWI charges, thus having a competent lawyer that understands the law can be very instrumental in getting the charges dropped.