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Interventional Pain Medicine

Interventional pain medicine uses various methods to help manage pain without you having to undergo surgery. Millions of Americans are affected by chronic pain, which interferes with how they carry out their daily activities. Dr. Jessen Mukalel MD is a spine, sports, and interventional pain specialists in The Woodlands, TX, who provides a holistic approach […]

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Allergic Eye Problems: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Eye allergies such as watery eyes, itchy and red eyes are a result of irritants that cause running and sneezing nose among the sufferers. Allergy sufferers can experience swollen eyelids and play a role in eye infections and conjunctivitis, says Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski. These symptoms can happen independently. Symptoms of Eye Allergies RednessBurningItchingWatery, clear discharge […]

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5 Tips to Remember When Shopping for Shapewear

Dressing confidently has never been quite the same after the invention of the shapewear. Whether you’re a curvier lady or you’re on your way to your goal weight, there’s something very uplifting about wearing outfits that can complement your natural figure. We all want to look good in figure-hugging clothes, which is why the wide […]

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