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Personalized & Compressive Women’s Care with Menopause Specialists in Texas

On average, women reach menopause during their early 50s. Even though the associated menopause symptoms may vary from one person to another, the hormonal changes resulting from menopause might heighten your susceptibility to chronic health issues. At Memorial Women’s Specialists located in Houston, TX, OB/GYN specialists Lauren Spoo, M. Bruce Christopherson, and Mina Sinacori take a patient-centered approach to women’s care. For compassionate care during menopause in Houston, call Memorial Women’s Specialists or go online to request a consultation today.

What is menopause?

Menopause is the natural transition time in every woman’s life, which stops one’s menstrual cycle. A woman officially goes into menopause after missing her period for 12 months in a row. Most of the associated menopause symptoms will appear before you start missing your cycle because of the variation in one’s hormone levels.

At about 30 years, progesterone and estrogen production begins to slow down, thus affecting one’s fertility. By the time you’re in your 40s, you might start experiencing anomalies with your menstruation. Your periods might become lighter and shorter, and sometimes even skip a few months. This transitional period is referred to as perimenopause.

What are the common symptoms associated with menopause?

One may begin experiencing menopause symptoms months or even years before they officially reach menopause. The severity of these symptoms may vary from one woman to another. To some, it can take a toll on their overall quality of life. Some of the prevalent menopause symptoms include hot flashes, irritability, weight gain, insomnia, depression, mood swings, night sweats, low libido, depression, vaginal dryness, and experiencing pain during sex.

Aside from the noticeable symptoms, a decline in estrogen levels put women at greater risk of suffering chronic illnesses, for instance, urinary incontinence, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease. At Memorial Women’s Specialists, the OB/GYN specialists address the prevailing symptoms and help prevent the start of long-term health complications.

What to expect with menopause treatment?

Memorial Women’s Specialists develop personalized treatment plans for menopause, depending on the adversity of your symptoms and medical history. Although you cannot halt this natural transition, your OB/GYN specialist will offer care meant to boost your general health and wellness. 

The customized treatment plan might incorporate an exercise program, a healthy dieting plan, low-dosage antidepressants, nutritional supplements, osteoporosis mediation, and clonidine or gabapentin for the hot flashes.

If you have a history of breast cancer, heart disease, and blood clots, the OB/GYN providers at Memorial Women’s Specialists recommend hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy is among the safest and most effective treatments for most women experiencing menopause as it reduces symptoms and enhances good bone health. To alleviate discomfort and vaginal dryness, vaginal estrogen might be recommended.

Memorial Women’s Specialists is a state-of-the-art OB/GYN clinic serving all women across Texas. Do not allow menopause to take a toll on your general health and wellness. For a personalized treatment plan that addresses your menopause symptoms, call Memorial Women’s Specialists or go online to schedule an appointment.