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Photography Tips for Beginners

Do you love photography, but don’t know how to take good quality photos? If that’s the case, then go through the tips we have compiled for you. These are tips meant for beginners to photography.

If you have just started with photography or thinking of starting, then these tips will be very useful. These beginners’ tips will help you get started on your journey to be a great photographer.

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7 Beginner Photography Tips

1) Know the Camera Basics

If you don’t have a camera, you need to get one. It is not necessary you have a DSLR. You can shoot with any camera, even a smartphone with a good resolution camera. Whichever camera you are using, there are some basics to know:

  • The full auto mode allows you to take great photos even without mastering the use of the camera. Once you are comfortable taking photos in auto mode, then start practicing with the other settings.
  • You can be tempted to use the zoom option since it helps you get a closer view. But zoom reduces quality. Use only if you absolutely need it, like in wildlife photography.
  • Shutter speed decides if the image is dark or blurry. Adjust the speed depending on the type of photo. You can practice changing the settings until you arrive at the best settings.
  • You may need a flash while shooting inside, so you get sufficient light.
  • If you are good at editing photos using software, use the RAW format. Else, stick to JPEG.
  • The viewfinder will help you compose your photo well.

2) Have all the needed gear

Apart from the camera, you will need lenses. You don’t need advanced lenses and filters as a beginner. First, learn to use the basics, you can worry about advanced features later. You need rechargeable batteries for the camera and a battery charger. Sufficient memory cards are needed. You need a good carry bag that keeps your camera and equipment secure.

Once you have the basics, you should get some advanced tools. You have the option to rent these from a NYC Grip and Electric rental company if you don’t have enough funds yet.

3) Practice regularly

The old saying ‘Practice makes you perfect’ is perfectly applicable to photography. It takes time to master photography. The best way to do this is to practice. Try to practice every day. Whenever you have free time, take a couple of photographs. This will help you get adjusted to using the camera and learn all the settings.

4) Decide your theme

You can be a general photographer and take photos of anything that is photo-worthy. But if you want to be a professional, then you can consider specializing in a few areas, for example, a niche such as boudoir photography. Decide the theme(s) that you will focus on. Do some research by checking out photos by other photographers.

This will give you some ideas. Then decide what you will shoot. Plan the shoot and execute it, so you will get the best results. Take as many photos as possible when you shoot. You can always remove the ones that haven’t come out well.

5) Mobile photography

If you are using your mobile to take photos, then the following tips will be helpful:

  • Use the gridline option to turn on the grid. Then follow the rule of thirds. Your subject must be at the intersection of the gridlines. This makes for a balanced photo.
  • Avoid covering too much. Have just one subject and focus on it. Don’t fill the entire frame with the subject, ensure some background remains.
  • Don’t use the zoom option. Instead, try walking toward the subject to get a closer shot. Practice moving around until you get the best shot.
  • Candid photographs look good, especially if you plan to share them on social media.
  • Whether you are shooting using a mobile or your camera, keep the lens clean. Have a soft cloth to clean the lens and a cleaning liquid with you.

6) Be a part of groups

You can master photography by interacting with other photographers and learning from them. Join photography groups, so you can learn how others do it. You can join online groups on social media. Such groups will have photographers share their photos along with tips. They would help you in your quest to master the art of photography.

7) Consider joining a course

If your intention is to become a professional, then consider joining a course. There are various organizations that offer photography courses. These courses will help you master the concept of photography. Most importantly, they will help you learn the practical aspect of photography. While you can do online courses, there is nothing like learning on the field.

Even if you don’t join a course, try to be an assistant to an expert photographer. What you learn by watching a professional at work would be equivalent to a course.