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Planning a Family Vacation to Vancouver

Studies have shown that holidays are significant for both family satisfaction and a positive influence on children. Family holidays are essential because they give us the chance to unplug, unwind and reconnect with each other. Our happiest memories are spent together visiting a new location. One of the most important things to remember about family holidays is they don’t need to be extravagant, it’s not the luxury of the accommodation or the number of stars on the rating of the restaurant that matters to your children – it’s the time spent together. If you’re planning a family vacation soon, try Vancouver.


Vancouver is situated on the southwestern coast of British Columbia, the westernmost province in Canada. The City of Vancouver is one of over 20 jurisdictions that make up Greater Vancouver and lies on the shore of the Strait of Georgia, separating it from Vancouver Island-home to Victoria’s provincial capital. Vancouver is stunning as it is surrounded by both mountains (in the hills of the BC Coast Mountain Range) and water. This proximity to nature gives people an amazing climate, a taste of different terrains with a laid-back atmosphere and friendliness. Also, this cosmopolitan city has upscale shopping spots, great restaurants and a nightlife that is popular.

Best time to visit Vancouver

There is no bad time to visit Vancouver. Compared to other Canadian cities, the summer months are pleasant and dry but cooler, with summer temperatures averaging around 22 ° C at their hottest. Throughout summer, cruises, whale watching and bear watching and a plethora of endless activities take place in Vancouver. Summer is usually a high-season with many flights to Vancouver in Canada being booked up by holidaymakers. The hotel prices and travel fares are slightly high owing to increased demand.

Vancouver is relatively warm in winter according to Canadian standards with temperatures rarely falling below freezing and with little to no snow. It gets slightly warm and damp in winter. Winter is ideal for sledging and snowshoeing on Grouse Mountain or on a ski holiday at nearby Whistler. The Springtime brings cherry blossoms with flowers burgeoning everywhere painting the city in bright colours. Spring or fall, is the time when the climate is stable, rather than suddenly shifting between winter and summer, as in many areas. These are non-peak seasons and the fares to everything are low. The best time to visit Vancouver depends highly on what kind of experience you want and at what price.

Travelling through Vancouver

The official currency is Canadian Dollars, but US Dollars and global cards are still accepted almost everywhere.

Vancouver’s transit system (Called TransLink) is affordable and reliable, with a comprehensive network of bus, ferries, and the Skytrain system covering most parts of the city. Passes are available for different periods: monthly, weekly, and daily, and 90-minute passes can be purchased on-board transit with exact change.

Vancouver is an outdoor city so make sure to pack a lot of sports/outdoor clothing for adventure outings. It’s also a relaxed city and one doesn’t need to waste luggage space by packing expensive clothes.

Vancouver is accessible by air, train, bus, water and car- depending on your wishes and needs.

Backed by the beautiful mountains, one finds themselves in the middle of a beautiful region famous for its variety of metropolitan skylines. During a vacation in Vancouver: the culturally diverse region, trees, mountains, and ocean are all easily accessible and it’s the ideal destination for visiting neighbouring cities like Whistler. Vancouver is famous for its beautiful surroundings, from the sandy beaches of English Bay, Kitsilano and Wreck Beach to the extensive Stanley Park forest and lakes and the snow-sprinkled North Shore mountains. There are plenty of outdoor adventures from hiking and biking to kayaking and sailing. Popular attractions in Vancouver include the Capilano Suspension Bridge, the Vancouver Aquarium, and the trendy Granville Island neighbourhood-a mini-town full of restaurants, galleries, and shops.

It’s the ideal place to plan a vacation with your family.