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Quality Family Time on a Budget

Restoring a sense of normalcy is important to many families with young children in the wake of the pandemic. You probably feel a strong desire to spend quality time with your spouse and children. However, spending your money sensibly and limiting your expensive outings is likely something you want to do right now while the economy struggles to regain its footing. Fortunately, there are many activities you can do as a family for little to no money.  

Nature Walks

Children love to spend time outdoors. Exposing them to nature allows them to connect with their surroundings. Nature walks are a great way to get fresh air, exercise, and learn a thing or two while having fun. Depending on the time of year, you can collect flowers, leaves, bark, sticks, and small stones. When you return home, you can sit down and make a scrapbook or a nature box to preserve the memories.

Camping Trips

Going camping is another wonderful way to bond as a family. Leave the electronic devices behind and embrace nature. Pitch a tent, then create a safe fire in a pit to gather around and roast marshmallows. 

Bring casual clothing, sneakers, plenty of bug spray, sunscreen, and a soft cooler to hold your food and beverages. You can take walks or ride bikes along the trail. 

Back-Yard Movie Night

Movie night may be something of the norm for your family. However, you can add an element of fun by setting up a screen or even a large sheet and a movie projector in your backyard

Create a comfy seating area with lawn chairs or pillows and blankets. Then bring out the popcorn and let nature dim the lights.


Museums offer a fantastic way to teach children about history, evolution, artwork, and the universe, all while spending an afternoon together. Most museums charge a group fee making them very affordable. Afterward, take a walk around the town or city and grab a bite to eat. 

Create Your Own Obstacle Course

Children love to run and play. Improve their stamina, strengthen muscles and agility with a homemade obstacle course. Use your imagination and get creative. 

Hula hoops, sticks, and outdoor cushions are a few things you can use. They will enjoy competing with each other. As an added bonus, they’ll burn calories, exercise, and release energy, keeping everyone healthy.

Make Dinner/Bake Together

Cooking skills are essential for survival. Introducing children to cooking at a young age will cause them to become self-sustaining in their early adult years. 

Cooking is also fun. They learn measurements and patience, and the end product will bring a sense of satisfaction. 

Visit the Library

Libraries have a huge collection of books in all shapes, colors, and sizes. If you want to encourage reading, take an afternoon to visit your local library. 

The librarian will issue individual cards, and in most cases, children can take out two or three books at a time. 

A Day at the Beach

Pack up the brood and head off to the beach. There’s sand for making sandals castles, water and waves for splashing and swimming, and seashells for collecting. Set up a large umbrella, lay down a blanket, and bring extra towels and sunscreen. 

Pack a cooler with water, fruits and healthy snacks. You can even bring along the portable boombox to add atmosphere. It’s a fun day for all.

Have a Sing-Along Dance Party

Transform your living room or den into a dance studio. Clear the floor, turn off the overhead lights and plug in the strobe light. A karaoke machine and mic will give everyone a chance at stardom. Rock the house with fun tunes that make everyone want to get up and dance.  

There are many activities you can do with children at little or no expense. Quality time builds a long-lasting family bond and creates lasting, fond memories.