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Reasons for Full-Arch Dental Rehabilitation

If you are missing some or all of your teeth, it can be difficult and, at times, embarrassing to smile, eat, and speak. A full-arch dental restoration can bring back your smile and give you an easy experience when eating and speaking. Thanks to modern technology, you can have a full arch dental rehabilitation in The Woodlands instead of the usually removable dentures. This procedure has lasting, secure, and natural-looking results. 

How the Procedure Works

Your oral surgeon will jointly work with a restorative dentist when molding and fitting your custom-made arch. Muñiz, DMD, MD, and his team will thoroughly examine your mouth using 3D imaging of your jaw before creating an impression of the custom mold.

During treatment, your doctor will use local anesthesia to help avoid feeling any pressure and discomfort. General anesthesia can also be used so that the procedure takes place while you are asleep. Once your new implants have been placed, the team at Oral Facial Surgery Specialists in the Woodlands, under the guidance of Muñiz, DMD, MD, will immediately secure your new replacement teeth.

Your treatment will last for an hour, and you can expect to go back to your home wearing a new permanent and healthy smile. Ensure you have someone drive you home after the procedure since the effects of anesthesia include drowsiness, which can make you unable to drive. Your doctor will provide you with a set of post-operative instructions so that your healing can be free of any trouble.

This procedure has a shorter downtime compared to the use of dental implants, and you can expect to be fully recovered after a few days.

Benefits of Full-Arch Restoration

Fast results

Unlike dental implants and dentures where healing can take months, with full arch dental rehabilitation, you get a brand new smile the same day after your doctor’s appointment. Full-arch dental restoration implants are designed for immediate loading.

No bone grafts

Unlike traditional dental implants, you do not require bone grafts for full arch dental rehabilitation since there is less bone resorption in the jaw. The implant at the back of your jaw will be tilted at 45 degrees, which removes the need for bone grafting. 


Full arch dental rehabilitation has lasting results compared to the use of dentures. When using dentures, you have to visit your doctor for relining and rebasing after every few years. However, the results of a full-arch dental restoration can last for over 20 years. 


When you replace missing teeth using dentures, you have to remove them for cleaning every day. However, with a full-arch dental restoration, your new set of teeth never leave the mouth. You brush and floss, like you would with your natural teeth.

If several or all of your teeth are missing, it is advisable to explore full-arch restoration. Advances in dental technology including surgical techniques, bone grafting, and treatment planning, make it possible for all patients to become candidates for this procedure. Visit your dentist to learn how the procedure can help regain your smile and be able to eat the foods you once loved.