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Resources to Help with Burial Costs if You Cannot Afford Them

Funerals can be costly. Even a simple burial can be several thousand dollars or more, depending on your location and other factors. For some, there simply is no money set aside for these expenses. If you have lost a loved one who did not have any sort of life insurance and you’re now struggling with paying their burial costs, there is some good news: there are resources out there that will help you with these costs if you qualify for them.

Final Farewell

No parent wants to face the loss of a child, but it sadly happens more often than it should. For those who have lost a little one and are unable to afford funeral costs, the Final Farewell charity will provide advice and financial assistance. Having someone help guide you through this emotional and often overwhelming process can be just as valuable as financial assistance. While they only assist with funeral costs for those under 18, they will provide advice and answer questions for anyone experiencing loss.

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The Accident Guys Victims Fund

The Accident Guys is a law firm that handles workers’ comp and personal injury cases in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. However, they also operate a charity called the Victims Fund. This fund assists those who have been injured in the car accidents or the families of those who have lost a loved one in one of these accidents. If you’ve lost someone to a driver who did not have insurance, the Victims Fund may be able to assist you with funeral costs.

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

If your loved one was a veteran of the U.S. military, the Department of Veterans Affairs may provide financial assistance for their funeral. The biggest catch with the VA is that they do not pay upfront—you will have to cover the costs, but the VA will reimburse you. You will need to submit your receipts and other paperwork, and there are guidelines outlining how much the VA will reimburse you. Unfortunately, the amount is fairly small, but any assistance is better than none.

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The National Center for Victims of Crime

Like the Accident Guys Victims Fund, the National Center for Victims of Crime provides assistance to those who have been injured in a crime or to the families of those who have lost a loved one to homicide. In addition to assisting with funeral costs, family members may also be eligible for counseling.

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FEMA Assistance

Most people think of FEMA as the government response team that helps deal with natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornados. While this does include providing food, housing, and other resources to those in need, it also includes helping with funeral costs for those who lost their lives in a disaster. The Individuals and Households Program offers financial assistance for funerals to those who qualify. FEMA will assist with the cost of mortuary services, the casket, transportation, burial plot, and more. The death does typically need to be connected to a declared emergency or other disaster.

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The TEARS Foundation

The TEARS Foundation is another nonprofit that helps families cover the costs of burying a child. They have a number of different programs and financial projects that you may apply for, including the Infant Funeral Assistance grant for those under a year old and the Charlie and Braden Project for children 12 and under.

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