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Revision Plastic Surgery: Restoring Beauty and Functionality

There are many various reasons why someone might be seeking a revision cosmetic surgery.

A common reason is additional aging after a procedure, which has diminished the results and requires alteration. With aging, the skin simply loses integrity, causing droopy or saggy skin, which can offset the results of a cosmetic procedure. Because of this, people will then turn to professionals like Dr. Karol Gutowski as well as others, to discuss their options about what to go for next.

Another common reason is that some patients are dissatisfied with previous work from another surgeon. These patients are in desperate need of a surgeon with the expertise to properly correct these problems, like Dr. Andrew Jacono, New York’s top facial plastic surgeon. He understands the complexities of the facial anatomy and can masterfully restore beauty to a patient, in a time when they might think there is nothing that can be done. There are three revision plastic surgeries that he specializes in: rhinoplasty, facelift, and eyelift.

Revision Rhinoplasty

When it comes to addressing the revision of a rhinoplasty procedure, he believes that it is important to remedy not only the aesthetic quality of the job, but also to improve the overall functionality of the nose, for better breathing. He handles each procedure uniquely, with the patient’s best interests at heart, seeking to elevate their self-confidence in the midst of these challenging circumstances.

The revision is customized according to the patient’s individual needs – which are determined before the surgery, in a one-on-one consultation – and often there will need to be a reduction in the shape of the nose or the removal of cartilage, to create the desired shape. Sometimes he actually needs to add cartilage, for extra structural support, which can be taken from one of the patient’s ribs or a piece of the back of their ear.

Either way, you can rest easy, knowing his methods can significantly improve the nose’s appearance and help deliver the results you deserve.

Revision Facelift

Facelifts naturally deteriorate over time, due to the aging process (no facelift is permanent, but they can last up to 15 years), but another common reason for a facelift revision is that the previous surgeon simply did not know what they were doing. Half-hearted jobs leave one with feelings of discontentment and can even result in deformities. In these scenarios, the patient deserves the expertise of reputed surgeons similar to the ones at Galanis Plastic Surgery ( who can adequately address these issues and help them achieve their facial aesthetic goals.

This can be a turtle shell situation, where one is not comfortable in their own skin and might want to hide their appearance.

During his facelift revisions, Dr. Andrew Jacono implements his deep plane approach, which makes use of an anatomic area called “the deep plane,” which is made up of the deeper facial muscles and tissues. His method allows for the face to be lifted and restructured, without being tight and unnatural looking. During surgery, he is able to achieve beautiful results by releasing and manipulating the ligaments, muscle, and fat layers.

By applying a unique approach to every patient, he can help them address every issue they are concerned with and allow for newfound facial beauty and harmony.

Revision Eyelift

Eyelift revision surgery is one of the most delicate procedures, requiring a sharp eye for the details and the expertise to properly address any issues the patient may be experiencing. The delicate tissues around the eyelid are especially hard to work with after a botched surgery and requires a surgeon with a stable hand and the right knowledge to conduct the revision.

There are two very common problems that can attribute to a previous surgeon’s bad eyelift:

They did not address enough of the area. For instance, they may have left behind loose skin or did not take care of the undereye bags.

They were over-zealous and removed too much skin or left too much hollowness under the eyes.

The eyelids, and the area around the eyes, are very delicate. In his approach to revision eyelift surgery, he understands that the functionality of the eyes is equally as important as the aesthetics. During surgery, he is able to carefully reposition the skin tissue to allow for improved blinking, as well enhanced beauty.

If you are interested in a revision plastic surgery, whether because of a previous botched surgery or aging has taken its toll, you must entrust a surgeon with the experience and skill to restore your facial beauty and help you address your unique needs. You need NYC’s premiere facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Jacono, who has utilized his mastery and knowledge to provide the best revision plastic surgery to a plethora of patients. Call (212) 570-2500 today to schedule a consultation.