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Say Goodbye to Unsightly Varicose Veins

At Vein & Cardiovascular Center, the varicose vein masters will collapse the veins and relieve you of symptoms with Sclerotherapy and VenaSeal treatment, which will suffocate and collapse your varicose veins. Your Orlando varicose veins experts will not only help you clear your veins for your aesthetic value but also as a treatment to prevent potentially risky conditions like leg ulcers. Having Vein & Cardiovascular Center professionals working on your varicose veins will not only help clear your skin. You will also receive a customized treatment to eliminate your prevailing conditions.

What are varicose veins?

You have probably seen large and bulging blue or purple veins on another person’s legs and feet and wondered what they are and how they found themselves there. The presence of varicose veins means that the affected veins’ valves do not sufficiently allow blood flow to and from your legs. Ineffective functioning of the valves results in blood pools expanding your vein walls.

What are varicose veins’ symptoms?

A few visible signs always accompany varicose veins. These signs include:

·         Itchy legs

·         Presence of blue or purple veins

·         Swelling on or around your ankle

·         Heavy legs

·         Swollen, twisted, and bulging veins

·         Leg sores

·         Leg cramping when you stand up

·         Venous eczema

·         Lipodermatosclerosis is experienced when hardened fat under your ankle results in skin shrinking.

·         Elongated bleeding from small injuries on the affected areas

Your doctor will advise you to treat varicose veins before translating into severe conditions like chronic venous insufficiency. The onset of chronic venous insufficiency could result in severe complications like leg ulcers.   

How are varicose veins treated?

If your varicose veins have no symptoms, give you no discomfort, and neither are you irritated by their presence, there is no need to contact your doctor for treatment. However, you could need medical attention when symptoms accompany your varicose veins to minimize discomfort, relieve you from pain, and address other complications like skin discoloration, leg ulcers, and swelling.

·         If the unsightly veins are enormous, a surgical procedure could be a recommendation by your doctor. For smaller varicose and spider veins, laser treatments could be used to close them off. The affected veins are usually hit by full amounts of light, which eventually causes the ugly veins to fade and disappear. 

·         Another treatment option for varicose veins is ligation and stripping. During the procedure, your doctor makes two incisions. One incision near your groin above the affected vein and the other incision either on your knee or ankle. Your doctor then ties up and seals the vein at the top before threading a tiny flexible wire through to the vein’s endpoint. Finally, he pulls out the thin wire, which comes out with the problematic vein.

Chances are high you could be having varicose veins but do not know about it. A regular check-up with your doctor will help with the diagnosis and treatment of your varicose veins. Whether for aesthetic or medical reasons, getting your legs and feet varicose free is now possible. Do not struggle with a vein issue when you can book an online appointment with Vein & Cardiovascular Center experts. For more information on varicose veins call the facility today.