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Say Hello To Microneedling

Searching for treatments when scars get to be too much, or when hair thins or skin seems to lose all of its bounce could lead in a myriad of directions. Cosmetic surgery, Botox, and fillers were once thought as the only way to cure most of these problems. Microneedling is changing all of that with results that work on its own as well as alongside popular options like Botox in Irvine. Get to know why this procedure is winning converts throughout the world.

What is Microneedling?

Much like its name suggests, needles are involved. While that might seem scary to some, especially those who are afraid of needles, it is actually a fairly painless procedure. A manual roller is all that’s needed to make this happen and the placement of needles depends on the patient. Scar treatment might need a different length than filling in for a loss of collagen. A doctor can help establish what is the right placement as well as how long the treatments last.

Once the correct size is selected, the doctor begins by looking at the face as if it was separated into four equal parts. The cheeks are gone over first and then the chin and forehead. Attention is also paid to the delicate areas of skin on and around the nose. Once finished, the patient is given a clear, face mask to wear that resembles more of a thin transparent bandage than it does the early incarnations of after-surgery facial care.

Does It Cause Side Effects?

The biggest side effect is a reddening of the skin as the procedure is done. When it is complete, the entire face looks a bright red as blood is flushed to the skin’s surface. For most patients, this will begin to fade as the days go on and should not remain. Some patients also report some bruising in areas, especially those with sensitive or delicate skin. Others have stated skin peeling was part of their process as the rejuvenation continued. When peeling occurs, it is usually best to let it continue as it is a normal side effect for some undergoing the procedure.

Benefits Now And In The Future

Patients who have the procedure will see results as soon as it ends. Under the red discoloration is already thicker, fuller skin; most of this comes from the swelling but it also forces the skin to have a stronger glow and overall improvement in health. Repeated treatments can increase the effect this procedure has on the skin. For many, the amount of collagen produced increases for results that are closer to fillers than they are Botox injections.

Can It Produce Hair Growth?

Some patients have seen a change in hair growth thanks to repeated procedures using microneedling. Whether alone or as a part of treatment with other plastic surgery options, it has become a source for stimulating new hair follicles thanks to an improvement in blood flow as well as the added amount of collagen along the hairline.

Microneedling is a great choice for people that want all the benefits of cosmetic surgery without the long downtime. Whether you suffer from hair loss or the signs of aging, this treatment is proven to help those in search of a new solution. Consider adding it to your own skincare and cosmetic routine and see the results.