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Sheer Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Sheer fashion is one of the bolder fashion styles available in the industry today. It provides a strong, sexy allure. However, a see-through shirt is a fashion risk that must be treated with caution as it can often be done wrong more times than it should be done right.

Though sheer fashion was previously associated with beachwear and the late-night fashion scene, it has recently found its way into modern street style, office, and party outfits. Celebrities can often serve both as an inspiration and cautionary tale for the ways sheer fashion can be treated.

How to and Not to Wear Sheer Fashion

When considering how to dress your see-through shirt, a good place to start is considering the kind of undergarments you have. The choice of undergarment can often break or make your overall look.

Choosing a colored bra, for instance, could prove distracting to everyone else around you, especially in a work setting. Thus, instead of giving off a subtle and sexy look, your entire outfit is narrowed down to your bra.

Instead of a colored bra, consider flesh-colored undergarments that give off an effortlessly seamless look to your outfit. It is also wise to add a camisole underneath your see-through shirt.  A camisole will help you cover up a bit more while still showing sneak peeks of skin which is a great overall look, especially for more formal settings like the office.

For a bolder look, however, wearing a full coverage bra that matches the color of your see-through shirt or blouse could help build a more acceptable evening look for the office functions.

Cover-ups like blazers, boyfriend jackets, or even sweaters could prove to be great additions to your look. They not only work well in an official set up but are easy to style even as streetwear. They help regulate just how much skin is visible as well as provide you with a great amount of flexibility helping you adjust your look based on your immediate setting.

Providing contrast in your look can go a long way in helping your outfit really come together. Contrasting a sheer top with long-legged pants or a sheer skirt with a more modest top will really help balance your look while allowing you to still enjoy your sheer garments.

Another way to wear sheer is by choosing illusion fabrics as opposed to a full-on see-through item.  An illusion fabric really brings the female silhouette while playing around with the human eye thus providing that much-needed balance.

Wear Your Outfits with Sheer Confidence

Whatever path you decide to take when it comes to sheer fashion it’s always important to be mindful of the setting. The workplace or when meeting with a more reserved audience is not the place you want to be showing more skin than is necessary.

Less is always more, so a little bit of skin showing in all the right places is more than enough to help you achieve that subtle yet incredibly sexy look. Sheer fashion is a trend that is constantly being reinvented and with the looks of it, is here to stay so wear it right if you intend to get the best out of it.