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Signs That You Have A Termite Infestation

Termite infestation is a retro problem, and nobody likes it. Termites are generally fond of the spring season or when the temperature remains pleasant. 

You must understand that termites are experts in hiding themselves no matter where you live. If you see any signs of infestation, ensure that you contact Cedar Park pest control, as they have complete knowledge of the termites’ whereabouts. They can help you eliminate termites from your house. They are professionals and can also help prevent re-infestation of termites and rule out the possibilities of any other pest infestation. 

What are the signs of termite infestation? 

  1. Discarded Wings: 

These are the initial signs of termites. Generally, the termites shed their wings after a certain period and leave their place to make new colonies. Termites drop their wings when they are no longer in use, and these insects are attracted to the light, so most likely, the wings can be spotted near light. 

  1. Frass: 

Frass is known as termite droppings. These are very tiny and look like small pellets or wood shavings. Drywood termites make their nest inside the wood and leave their droppings through the hole in the opening. Upon seeing a frass, you might confuse the frass with a pellet. 

  1. Termite Sightings:

The significant sign of termite infestation is when you see a termite flying inside the house. The termite nest can be inside or outside your home, and you may discover them flying in that location. Flying termites leave markings or cracks in the wood behind them, which helps detect them.

  1. Hollowed out wood: 

Whenever termites make their nests inside the wood, they make the wood hollow. Therefore, upon tapping such hollow woods, you can hear a different sound(different from wood without termites), indicating that a termite has infested the wood. 

  1. Exterior wood damage:

Upon considering the previous point, the wood that appears to be harmed on the surface is termite infestation. Usually, bare woods, exposed, and rotted are most likely to be infested by termites. Some termites are attracted towards moisture, as termites retain the moisture, preventing them from drying up. 

  1. Uneven or bubbling paint:

If your paint looks uneven, it can signify moisture build-up. There are two possible reasons for the paint to be damaged, water leakage or termite infestation.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, ensure to contact a pest control company to help you get rid of termites, as termites are also responsible for spreading deadly diseases. Therefore, getting rid of them as soon as possible is highly essential.