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Simple Lifestyle Changes to Make You Feel Fabulous

I recently saw a post doing the rounds on social media which really resonated with me personally. It was in actual fact a screenshot of a whole page from a book, but the gist of it was that the marketing and advertising industry, in collusion with consumer-goods manufacturers, does not have the intention of making us feel good about ourselves as human beings. This applies in terms of our physical appearance as well as mentally and emotionally. If their intentions were to make us feel good about ourselves then we wouldn’t be dependent on them and the products and services they market to get our fix.

If it was their intention to make us feel better, perhaps as a one-time solution that sorts us out for life, we would see more tools with which to improve our lifestyles in circulation, such as vape pens. Many people use vapes to smoke CBD oil (and of course, some consumers prefer the dry version) that has been processed for use in a vape pen and has been mixed with a carrier liquid (to thin the oil). It is typically sold in pre-filled cartridges that are screwed into a vape pen, also known as a battery, which heats the liquid to produce vapor that the user inhales.

But did we ever put any thought to how we got to it in the first place? Sure it starts with the understanding among users that vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. That should explain why people look for the best options for vape pens. But what makes one better or worse than the other? Is it the refill mechanism, coil resistance, overall build or just a combination of these attributes and more? While some are functional, others are aesthetic; something that is expanded upon in this Fault Magazine post.

But you can’t deny that on some level, consumer choices come down to what makes more ‘sense’ and this can have so many different shades! And yes, I suppose that was a specific example of how one can work towards achieving that fabulous feeling which seems to be so elusive. We’ll get back to vaping in a bit because that falls under one of the few ways I’m going to discuss some lifestyle changes which can make you feel as good as you know you should be feeling.

Get to know your true self

Mother Nature has various cues against which we’re made to fight in our pursuit of the thrills which we’re made to think are what we need to make us happy, satisfy us and complete us. It comes back down to discovering your true self and really getting to know yourself. Guided by natural instincts, the pleasures of this world you’re drawn to are cues from Mother Nature as to what is really good for you, but you have to look beyond what mass media suggests. An ad on television or even on a medium such as YouTube, for instance, might suggest that in order for you to feel great again, you might need to buy a certain health supplement. Mother Nature, on the other hand, might suggest something like getting some sunshine, getting some fresh air and perhaps enjoying some healthy food that tastes great too, like a shiny red apple which you pick straight from its tree…

Adjusting your diet

I suppose by mere mention of choosing healthier food that tastes great too, over synthetic fixes, for a body that’s not firing on all cylinders, I’ve already introduced the need to make some adjustments to your dietary habits as part of pursuing that fabulous feeling. It’s as simple as this – replace as many processed foods as you can with whole foods.

While you’re at it, replace the tobacco smoke and all the other harmful substances contained in a cigarette with something like e-cigarettes or dry herb vapes. It might be better to choose dry herb vaping over traditional ones whose harmful nature needs no introduction. That said, make sure to get an appropriate vaporizer with regard to portability, and the quality of the device. You can also look at blogs and articles (like this one by Designer Daily) on the internet that can help you choose the best vaporizer for your use.

Making exercise a lifestyle element

If you run a business, for instance, do some of the heavy-lifting work yourself. This is a much easier way to ensure you get your requisite exercise than having to psych yourself up for a session in the gym, as well as the drive there and back.