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Smart Parenting Tips Regarding Your Kids on the Road

As a parent, you’re always trying to do what’s best for your children. As your children grow up to be teenagers, there are different sets of issues that you have to deal with. And one of the big ones is when your teenagers start driving. They are going to want to test their limits as far as vehicular responsibility goes, that’s why you should teach them all of the best lessons that you can.

You can start with some of the basics. Tell them that they should always drive defensively. Give them ways that they can watch out for different kinds of accidents. Teach them the basics of car maintenance so that they know how to prevent many of the most common breakdowns. And, give them very specific rules about using their cell phones while driving.

Defensive Driving

Even though they will learn about it during their driver’s training, you should tell them every chance that you can get about the positives of driving defensively. The sooner in life you develop good defensive driving habits, the more you will incorporate them into your overall driving experience. A lot of kids don’t naturally want to drive safely because they think their ability to handle the road is much better than it actually is.

Watching Out for Accidents

There’s also the matter of watching out for different types of accidents on the road. When you’re out on the highway, what are some of the most common crashes that you see? There are crashes involving cars that are going too fast that hit slippery spots on the highway. Some crashes involve trucks because traffic did not give them enough leeway to maneuver their heavy loads. There are traffic accidents involving pedestrians. Make sure your children are aware of all of these and give them tips on how to avoid them.

Learning Basic Car Maintenance

Learning basic car maintenance is something that every car owner should do as soon as they purchase a vehicle. On the very simplest level, you should teach your children how to check the fluid levels in their car before you even allow them to drive it out of the driveway. Without oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, or windshield wiper fluid, it has the potential to cause very significant accidents or malfunctions.

Cell Phone Rules

Finally, before you allow your children to get out on the road, you have to make it abundantly clear about what kind of cell phone use is appropriate. Yes, it’s not a big deal to use your cell phone for GPS. However, you should never text and drive, and even talking and driving should only be okay if you have a hands-free method and you are utterly confident that you can keep your focus on the road.