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Special Types of Jewelry for Special Occasions

Everyone knows when to wear rings or necklaces, but more obscure pieces are a little harder to decipher. The following are special types of jewelry with a few suggestions regarding when to wear them.

The Brooch

The brooch is a piece that people have a hard time figuring out. The reality is that you can definitely wear a diamond brooch for special occasions as long as those occasions call for formal wear.

There are some people who use brooches to spice up casual-wear, but this is not usually how it’s worn. If you are wearing a blazer or formal black dress, then make sure you consider wearing your brooch with these outfits. When you wear one, be sure to stick to a monotone look so that you give your brooch a chance to shine.

The Anklet

The anklet or the ankle bracelet is an interesting piece of jewelry. If you wear something relatively casual like a beaded anklet or one that is made out of metal, then you can wear this piece to a regular beach party or even for a summer walk on the beach.

Those wearing a gold piece or a piece with precious stones may only want to wear the anklet for their wedding or other special occasions. You want to pair your anklet with classic black pumps and a dress or skirt. This could be worn to a black-tie event or a dinner at a luxurious place.

The Cufflink

The cufflink can be worn at all times. Modern people love mixing high fashion with low fashion to be fun and creative, so it shouldn’t surprise you to see cufflinks on the cuffs or a regular flannel shirt. Still, if you want to wear these correctly, you are going to have two types of cufflinks.

One is the fabric cufflink that can be worn casually, like when you are out or in the office and happen to be wearing a dress shirt. A precious metal cufflink can be worn at formal and semi-formal events as long as you are wearing a long sleeve shirt.

The Tie Pin

The tie pin or tie bar is worn when you wear a tie. These are worn to ensure that your tie stays where it belongs at all times. It serves the function of a waistcoat, so make sure that if you wear a tie pin that you don’t wear the other accessory.

People who wear ties all the time have a reason to wear one of these, and they are definitely a welcomed piece at the office, an important office meeting, a business event, and other similar professional settings. Sure, some people wear them at regular formal events, but these pins usually have a serious feel to them.

The Choker

The choker is like a regular necklace, but it’s tight on the neck. The goal of the choker is to accentuate a person’s neckline, and wearing one does look pretty.

Now, depending on the type of choker you have, this piece of jewelry can be worn with anything whether you are just having a relaxing day or are on a date. If the choker is casual, then it can be made out of metal, a synthetic material, or even cloth. If you are wearing a more luxurious choker, then it’s important that you only wear this piece at galas or at an event where the height of fashion is valued.

As you can see, there are interesting jewelry pieces out there that can make your style feel fresh and exciting wherever you go.