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Stay in the Know With Recent Clover Point of Sale Updates Trends

The Clover Network constantly improves the functionality of the full suite of merchant solutions built into its point of sale hardware and software. Retail and service business owners in the market for new POS systems should stay apprised of the capabilities of Clover’s leading cloud-based payment processing and business management solutions.

Hardware and Software Releases

Clover’s POS was initially released with the full-size Station hardware, but the company now offers four builds. The affordable and portable Clover Go makes it possible to accept card and near field communication payments anywhere at any time. This lightweight POS solution is designed for use with a mobile smart device such as a phone or tablet.

The next step up is the Clover Flex. This system includes low-profile hardware intended to supplement or replace the cash register or terminal at a small- to mid-sized retail or quick-service operation. The Clover Mini comes with a tablet display and costs only slightly more than the Flex system.

Clover Mini supports full-service restaurant builds and complex inventories. Businesses that require a full suite of merchant solutions can choose between the Mini or Clover Station. The Mini features a tablet display and built-in receipt printer, while the newest version of the Station has an updated, full-sized countertop display.

App and Peripheral Support

At present, Clover offers two software plans. The Register Lite plan can make starting a business more affordable with low monthly rates and slightly higher in-person transaction fees. The full Clover Register software costs about twice as much per month, but has lower fees and added features.

Business owners can choose from hundreds of approved third-party applications in the Clover App Market to add functionality to the proprietary POS software. The Mini and Station models also have a USB hub for connecting peripherals such as a barcode scanner, cash drawer or merchant keypad for simple, stress-free sales.

Security Standard Compliance

All Clover POS systems comply with Europay, MasterCard and Visa standards. EMVCo standards apply to chip-based card transactions. The hardware and software included in these systems also satisfies the requirements of the fourth version of PIN Transaction Security device standards set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, also known as PCI PTS 4.0 requirements.

Customized POS and Data Solutions

Clover maintains high standards for secure payment processing and customer and operational data management. As more businesses adopt this POS system, the company and third-parties develop new solutions for real-world challenges. Most business owners will appreciate the robust customer database management and engagement tools such as feedback, promotions, and rewards and loyalty programs.

The easy-to-use, well-designed hardware and software made by Clover is intended to replace cash registers or terminals at service establishments and storefronts. Businesses can promote sales and overall customer satisfaction by reliably and securely processing omnichannel payments.

Business owners and operators should compare the hardware, software, support and features of POS systems and be sure to factor in subscription rates and payment processing fees. Many small- to medium-sized businesses pick Clover POS for its affordability, customizable merchant solutions and ease of use.