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Staying Young At Heart

Why is it that in the United States old people get a bum rap? In other countries, they worship their elderly. However, here in the states, once you reach a certain age, you must use discretion, hang with your own crowd and remain off the streets. Listed below are several ways to buck this social norm and to remain young at heart. 

Enjoy the Activities You Did Younger 

Who decides what an appropriate age is, anyway? Part of staying young is acting young. This doesn’t mean that you should put yourself in harm’s way. However, if the body is strong and the mind’s sharp, why not travel through the streets on an electric skateboard or throw caution to the wind and give skydiving a try? You enjoyed jumping rope as a kid, and if you’re still able, play with the grandkids at the park. 

Aging is Inevitable 

You’re going to grow older. Your skin will get thin and when you awaken each morning you’ll have more wrinkles than just a day prior. A mirror only gives a reflection of a person’s exterior, not their interior being. Once you get beyond the aging process and put that aside, you can start to enjoy life better. 

Avoid Retirement Communities 

Whoever started these retirement communities helped create the mindset that once you start to show real signs of aging, you need to go be with your kind. How ridiculous! They lure you in with a bag of promised goodies and commercials showing people hanging by the pool, happy and socializing during one of their many special events. Unfortunately, the real truth is that most people who go to retirement communities can’t handle living on their own in a big house, so they move to where the elderly live. If you want to stay young, avoid signing up for one of these living situations until you need it. 

Stay in Shape 

Ok, so young boys could care less if you walk down the street. That’s fine. You weren’t showing off your sexy legs for them anyway. Exercise is what’s got you to this point. Having a desirable body that’s fit is an asset at any age. It makes walking and climbing stairs a cake run and lets you mosey over to the beach without a cover. Keep up the good work and show the younger generation that, even at your age, you look better than them. 

See the World 

With the kids out of the house and no job to tie you down, it’s time to see the world. Here’s a perk for the older folks. Want to stay young at heart? Start visiting new places. Take a trip to Sweden, England, or even Australia. Pack a light bag and buy something new at each place you visit. Your home will become a showpiece of exotic finds collected from around the world. This will also give you some fun stories to tell your grandchildren when they visit. 

Enjoy Your Music 

Who says you have to be 20 or 30 something to hang out outdoors, listening to your favorite tunes? If you want to remain young at heart, put on the classics that bring back fond memories of the past. You’ll be skipping around the yard with your spouse just as you did years earlier. Music is a natural healer for all ages. 


Why is it that people assume that the elderly want to sit in their rockers and waste time away? If time is of the essence for anyone, it’s them. Start planning fun things to do over the weekend or even mid-week. After all, you’re retired! 

Staying young at heart is a mindset. Forget the mirror that tells you to go sit in a corner. Instead, embrace life by enjoying doing what you like to do.