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Straighten Your Child’s Misaligned Bite with Head Gear in Bayside

Children and teens may often have a misaligned bite. The good news is that there is an effective solution for the condition. If your kid has a skewed bite, headgear is effective in straightening the jaw and teeth as well as preventing additional problems. The experienced team at Bayside Orthodontics provides individualized headgear to kids and teenagers.  To learn more about Bayside head gear and how it can help your child improve their dental alignment, call or schedule an appointment online today.

What is Headgear?

Headgear is an orthodontic appliance that fixes misaligned jaws or malposition bites. It features external components that are worn outside the mouth together with conventional metal braces. If your kid’s teeth do not align as well as they should, there is a risk of developing several health issues, including sleep apnea, jaw pain, and tooth decay. Headgear moves their misaligned jaw and teeth back into the optimal position, hence preventing these problems.

What Are the Different Pieces of Headgear?

An orthodontic headgear comes with several pieces. These include:

·       A Head Cap

This piece slides over your kid’s hair and offers a solid base for the other components.

·       Face Bow

This is a metal appliance that is U-shaped. It comes with a range of tubes and bands that attach to your kid’s teeth and braces.

·       Fitting Straps

These are plastic or elastic straps that enable your child to adjust their headgear. The specialist will explain how to loosen and tighten them.

·       Braces

Headgear works together with your child’s braces to align tooth or jaw misalignments. Together, the appliances place targeted pressure on your child’s jaw and teeth, enhancing their appearance and position. 

·       Forehead Pad, Chin Cup, And Mouth Yoke

If your kid has an underbite, the team may recommend you wear a chin cup with headgear about 12 hours a day. A chin cup features a wireframe that runs from the forehead to the chin. The frame has a horizontal mouth yoke that links to the braces of your child.

How Often Does Your Child Require to Wear the Headgear?

Specialists at Bayside Orthodontics recommend children wear their headgear up to 12 hours a day. If your kid doesn’t want to wear the headgear outside the house or to school, you should get them to put it on as soon as they get home. For excellent results, you should encourage them to wear the appliance overnight when asleep.

Does Wearing Headgear Cause Pain?

Headgear is usually well-tolerated and safe. However, it might take some time for your child to get used to it.  When your child receives the headgear for the first time, they will be instructed on how to put it on and adjust it. They will also be given instructions on how to clean and take care of the appliance. Although it’s normal to experience some discomfort or mild pressure for the first few days, this will quickly go away. If the discomfort continues, you should make an appointment immediately.

To sum up, if your child has a misaligned jaw and teeth, they can greatly benefit from the headgear. To learn more or get started in and around Bayside, NY, call or schedule an appointment online today.