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Stuck at Home with Nothing to Do? Start Woodturning!

Don’t have a choice than to stay at home? Well, it could get depressing, especially when there’s nothing to keep you busy. But, not to worry. I’ve got the perfect solution for you, Woodturning! Yes, you read right, woodturning. Learning the art of woodturning can be that new hobby to keep you engaged.

You might not find this idea thrilling but imagine sitting in one position for days and doing nothing or performing the same routine daily. Well, it definitely may not be your choice to be that idol or while away time with the same stuff you do every day since you are stuck at home. But, it more or less is the situation you find yourself in. So, why not try getting creative? Now is the perfect time to start woodturning!

Wait, what’s the catch? Why should I even start woodturning when there are other fun things I can do?

It’s pretty simple. The most fun and creative things you may choose to do will not teach you how to get handy and make exciting and distinct wood art pieces unique just to you. With woodturning, you can successfully handle all types of repair jobs at home and even design masterful wood pieces that no one else has ever made in the world. As much as this sounds too good to be true, it’s the truth. Want to draw a personal conclusion? Here’s another fun side you did not know.

Exploring woodturning can serve as a gateway to discovering new creative pursuits. Woodturning encompasses a diverse range of techniques aimed at crafting exquisite, high-quality works of art. The process involves cutting, shaping, sanding, applying finishes, and employing decorative methods like carving. Don’t overlook the importance of applying an oil based polyurethane coating or utilizing wood finishing products to enhance the durability and longevity of your creations. In essence, with dedication and practice, you can develop the skills needed to craft distinctive and visually appealing pieces of art.

I get your point but, I still don’t understand what this woodturning is.

The word itself explains what it is. Let’s take it separately. There’s wood, which is a stick gotten from trees. There’s also the word turning, which is a process of spinning. Now, let’s put these words together, woodturning meaning spinning a wood. The next likely question on your mind is’ what do I rotate a wood for? Well, this is where we get the literal meaning out of this word. Woodturning is the act of wheeling your wood to create beautiful wooden objects. However, you only achieve this when you use a woodturning lathe and tools.

What is a lathe?

A woodturning lathe is a machine that helps you rotate your workpiece to shape woods into different cylindrical patterns. In essence, a lathe cuts out various shapes while it turns on your stock. Lathes can take many forms because they have various tuning operations. But one thing you should know is that they all perform the same task. What differentiates them is the bulkiness of the stock you want to turn. If you are wheeling a large wood, you will want to go for a larger lathe. But, if the case is the opposite, a small lathe will work fine. If you are looking for the best wood lathes for woodturning then we have an article for you.

What about the tools?

Apart from your lathe, you will need to get turning tools to shape the wood after cutting it. There are six primary tools you will need to start. Though you might go to the store to get your turning tools and maybe get tempted to buy a set (well, you can), these tools can cover every aspect of woodturning. So, you don’t have to spend much on purchasing a set. These tools include:

  • inch bowl gouge: this tool helps you shape both the inside and outside of your bowls
  • inch spindle gouge: if you want to shape beads and coves on your workpiece, this tool is the perfect go-to for you.
  • Spindle roughing gouge: a spindle roughing gouge gives your workpiece a rounder edge and surface.
  • Skew: these tools work wonders for cutting thin hollows, beads or making a smooth finishing cut on your stock.
  • Parting tools: also called the plunge cutter, parting tools help you make deeps cuts on your stock. They have a narrow blade and a sharp edge.
  • Chuck: it enables you to grab a spindle tenon while keeping your piece centered.

We also have reviewed the best woodturning dust extractors if you have a problem with the wood debris and dust while you are turning your project.

But I don’t have a place to keep these tools. Do I need them?

Without your tools, there’s no way you can start in woodturning. In essence, they are necessary. Chances are that you are thinking of where to store them when you buy them. Not to worry. These tools are usually light, portable, and can fit even the smallest of space. But if there is no storage space in your home, consider moving outside. These tools are also handy outdoors. Check around the yard or common ground where you can work within. Also, make sure that space has electricity running there.

Wait, since I’m stuck at home, how do I learn how to turn woods?

We live in a technologically driven world, where we can get almost anything and everything from the comfort of our home. Learning the art of woodturning is an easy feat when you access online videos. Decide on what to build and look it up on the net. Once you do this, you’re on your way to making remarkable new pieces you never imagined you could do. The best part, you get to keep yourself busy.

The bottom line

Being stuck at home without something to do may make your day gloomy. If you are thinking of finding something new to keep you busy, woodturning could be the best new hobby for you. it doesn’t take much to start. All you need is your stock, lathe, and tuning tools. Once you have this equipment, you are on your way to creating something unique to you. Although storage space may be a limiting factor, these tools are lightweight and fit any place, and you can also use them outdoors. So, if the area will get in the way of starting this new-found hobby, move outside! Still, waiting? Get your tools and start turning!