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Stylish Sports & Leisure Wear: Manufacturing Solutions

The current market trend for sports & leisure wear is going to be with us for a long time, as clothing moves with the times, using breathable fabrics that stretch and are extremely comfortable, and if you are looking to create your own unique label of 5-star leisure clothing, there are specialist clothing manufacturers who are geared up to provide a comprehensive service for the retailer.

Clothing Design

So, how does one go about creating a unique line of clothing? You could start from scratch, with nothing more than a few ideas, or you could use tried and tested template designs that are ready for your branding, and with a manufacturer that has a state-of-the-art website, where you can actually start the design process by using a series of templates, the process becomes simple when compared to traditional garment design. One such company is Hingto, an activewear manufacturer based in Australia who has literally thousands of clients, including a few of the really big names in sports apparel.

Main Design Options

There are three main design options open to you:

  1. Custom Template Design – This is where you select from a range of templates, choose your logo location, colours, sizes and quantities and submit the form.
  2. Designing Garments from Scratch – You send the designs, the manufacturer quotes a price, and when that is approved, they would send you technical designs and after a sample payment, the sample garments are made and shipped to you for approval. If all is in order, you can then go ahead with your bulk order.
  3. Ready-Made Blank Designs – You choose the designs, colours, sizes and the quantities you want; then add to your cart, make a secure online payment and production begins.

By offering all of the above services, the manufacturer puts you in the driving seat, and once you have gone through the various stages, production can begin.

No Massive Investment

Traditionally, if a business were to design a line of clothing and have the garments produced, this would require a huge financial investment, yet with modern methods, it is now possible to do exactly that without having to invest substantial amounts of capital. Using blank garments, you can order any design of garment and it will come complete; all you have to do is add your branding and you have your very own product line.

Impressive Client List

When you look at the client list of such an apparel manufacturer, you can see that they do business with large corporations and well-known brand names, with names like Adidas and Vogue, which demonstrates a high level of professionalism and reliability. The state-of-the-art garment manufacturer has the ability to help even a small business create a unique clothing line and with your input and their expertise, the results are as you would expect.

If you would like to learn more about this specialist clothing manufacturing process, a Google search would help you to locate a leading Australian company that has the know-how to create the perfect sports or leisure wear to your exact specifications.