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Taking a Closer Look at Functional Fashion

With cable television networks such as Fashion TV primarily catering to markets which are situated in the Northern Hemisphere, one would think that is where the bulk of the emergent fashion industry subsequently makes most of its money. That’s not quite the case though and things work a little bizarrely to say the very least, something which I’ll explain in relation to my exploration of the functional fashion industry.

So functional fashion is basically comprised out of items of clothing and other attire which are primarily built for a specific function, but the designers and manufacturers put in a lot of effort into making sure that it looks good too and can double-up as attire which can be worn beyond the typical work setting for which it is primarily produced. We’re talking about the likes of the clothes you’d find at a store such as, which at first glance looks like a collection of clothing fit for a very handy dad, doesn’t it? More on this in a bit…

Getting back to the emergence of the functional fashion industry on the back of the big fashion industry which isn’t directly targeted by the likes of Fashion TV, it’s a matter of the seasons. In those markets which are located in the Southern Hemisphere, their seasons are complementary to ours. When it’s winter here then it’s summer over there and the other way around.

Consequently, fashion trends usually seem to hit the Northern Hemisphere first and then they make their way down south of the equator as their season changes from the one which we’ve just come from. So if winter is hitting the Southern Hemisphere, naturally they’d be dressing up according the winter fashion trends which have just left the Northern Hemisphere, with the same applicable to summer.

However, it’s not a simple matter of just replicating the latest of these trends and going with them as is. Fashion for the mere sake of being trendy and up-to-date doesn’t quite make the grade and is required to be a little bit more functional. Some of the sexiest lingerie pieces from the Victoria’s Secret collection are known for their intentionally built-in flimsiness, I guess, since they’re not designed to be worn for years to come. It’s almost as if they were meant to be worn once or twice for a specific occasion and then discarded.

When this fashion hits the secondary markets though, then it is reinforced by way of its quality, which is why you’d get mid-range brands outselling the top-of-the-line brands that are featured on the runways.

Now, going back to the so-called “dad jeans” that make up part of the collection of functional fashion like that which is available at FR Outlet, this is straight up produced for specific industrial environment functionality, but it could pass off purely as trendy fashion, albeit the trends followed are those which remain relevant for a considerable amount of time to come. The focus is on what matters, but who’s to say you can’t look more than decent when engaged in the stuff that matters most?