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The Best Gifts for Moms-to-Be That You Won’t Find on a Baby Registry

If a friend or member of your family is taking that glorious trip into motherhood for the first time, you might be thinking about what you’re going to get them for their baby shower. Sure there are the traditional things including baby clothes, diapers, and such but all of these things can be found on nearly any baby registry. Why not venture off the beaten path and blaze your own trail with something new and exciting? Here are some suggestions to get the old idea juices flowing. 

Sweet Wardrobe Items

Typically the baby will get clothes: onesies, socks and a bunch of cute items that will surely be photographed for social media in the future, but what about mom? If you want to stand out from the crowd at the baby shower, pick something for the mother-to-be. Take a look at these 25 budget-friendly online shops where you can snag some good finds. One thing that is usually not considered is the fact that, with their belly growing, clothes may not fit like they once did. You never know what you might come across–it can be a dress or a pair of shoes that will look great on the future mom. 

When You Just Need to Know

Another way you can ensure you’re getting something far away from the registry list is to go scientific. With a gender predictor, you can give the mommy a leg up so she can find out with 99.1% accuracy whether the baby will be male or female. This can be a saving grace if the parent(s) would indeed like to know the gender, as they can narrow down clothing and decor selections. It might be a little forward, so maybe throw the idea around first before committing to such a gift. This way you’ll know if the recipient would use it and appreciate it.

Health Beyond Pregnancy

There is a bit of a gray area with this next topic, as people generally won’t want any advice when it comes to health. The same can be said for mothers after pregnancy. Being a healthy person prior, during and after pregnancy is important to your well-being. Taking the steps needed to ensure you get the proper nutrition, sleep, and skincare routine for those stretch marks are key–unless you couldn’t care less about having stretch marks, then more power to you. Some of it might be common sense stuff but there might be some tidbits of pertinent information in those lines of text.

With all of the chaos that comes with having a baby, there are a few things that get overlooked. Being a great friend or caring family member, this is where you come in. The new mom probably won’t have enough time with their newborn to think about food and preparing or cooking it. So if you want to be revered for being awesome, bring a few of these delicious items to the mom. Providing her with snacks, drinks and meal options for the first few days and up to a week will cut back on any stress that might come with having a baby and having to take care of daily life stuff. If she has a few tasty and healthy options to choose from for breakfast, lunch or dinner, she can focus her time on her precious bundle of joy. So be that super fantastically thoughtful friend or family member and snag those delectables for the mom, because a little help here and there when a new baby is around will be greatly appreciated. 

Baby registries exist for a reason, but there’s something to be said about creativity, too. If you want to make sure your favorite mom-to-be loves your gift, think outside the box!