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The Best Leather Work Bags For Women

By: Portland Leather Goods

Are you tired of dragging around a handbag, a messenger bag, and maybe even a gym bag, all because you couldn’t find the right bag that fits your things and looks stylish? We’re here to help you discover the perfect work bag so you can feel organized and confident no matter what the day throws at you.

Your office-appropriate bag should feel functional and roomy enough to carry all of your work essentials, from your laptop to your water bottle and everything in between. It should also be chic so that you feel confident when you’re carrying it around, even during lunch errands and after-work happy hour. Lastly, you’re likely expecting the perfect bag to be durable and hold up during all of your daily commutes, errands, and whatever journey life takes you on from day-to-day.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re struggling to find a bag that is both fashionable and work-friendly. The good news is that we have a list of some of the best leather work bags for women so you can stop searching and instead fall in love with these must-have bags. Each one is equal parts fashion and function, so they are perfect for the 9 to 5 life and beyond.

Buyers Guide To The Best Leather Work Bags For Women

It’s not always easy to find a bag that can meet all of your needs, and many of us resort to carrying around multiple bags, which just isn’t practical for the long term. Maybe you’re just not satisfied with the purses and backpacks that you see in retail shops, and you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, Portland Leather has got you covered so you can get through your day feeling organized, stylish and confident!

Let’s go over Portland Leather’s buying guide to discover the best leather work bags for women.

Classic Leather Tote Bag

We had to start with our most popular bag, the Classic Leather Tote. Each bag features full-grain leather with English bridle handles, a key loop, and an interior and exterior pocket. The interior pocket measures 6” x 8”, making it great for your wallet, lipstick, and other small items you want to keep separate. The exterior pocket is even bigger, measuring 7” x 9” and giving you easy access to your smartphone. We also include a standard key loop feature on all of our totes so you can stop digging around for your keys as you rush off to work or head home after a long day.

All the added features are useful and keep you organized, but what makes Portland Leather totes truly special is the leather. Our leather is the highest quality full-grain chap and English bridle leather available. Since American leather is a byproduct of the beef industry, we like to think that we’re helping to minimize waste by using hides that may otherwise be wasted. This kind of leather will never look flawless, as it hasn’t been covered in any kind of plastic coating, but it’s incredibly durable, and will always have that raw/rugged look with a unique character that we personally love.

Another thing that makes our Classic Leather Totes special is that they are unlined, just like all our other leather bags. Instead of lining, they feature the natural suede underside of the leather as their interior. Unlike thin liners that tend to tear or break down over time, the oil-tanned suede is incredibly durable and will ensure you have a beautiful, functional bag for decades to come. We choose to use this leather because it is not only super high-quality, but also incredibly low-maintenance. It’s the same grade of leather that’s used in making boots, saddles, and all manner of all-weather leather goods. This means you won’t need to worry about moisture from small spills or the elements ruining the bag over time.

Our classic totes are perfect for work because they come in a variety of sizes and colors, and all have the option of a zipper closure so you can be sure your items are secure on the go.

Small Tote

When you need a daily light bag that goes with everything, our Small Tote (pictured below) is perfect. Fit your wallet, your water bottle, snacks, books, and all the little things comfortably. It’s 11.5” tall, 10” wide across the base, and 13” wide across the top.

Medium Tote

Our Medium Tote fits a 13” Macbook snugly and makes a fantastic workplace companion. Measuring 12” tall, 10.5” wide across the base, and 15” wide across the top, you’ll love how everything in your bag fits.

Large Tote

Need even more space on your daily commute?  Try the Large Tote that fits a 15” Macbook and all of your essentials. With an 11” wide base and 18” opening across the top, this 12” tall tote is a popular leather work bag as it pairs as a professional office bag or even as a small weekender.


In search of something a little more substantial to carry just a tad more of your daily essentials? Fit everything you need plus a change of clothes and a large laptop in our Oversized Tote. It measures 13.5” wide across the base, is 13” tall, and is 21” wide across the top.

Regardless of the tote size you select, we include an 11” drop length for all our handles. Our customers love these bags because they have the unique and beautiful character that premium leather provides (plus the smell!) that they can love and cherish for years to come.

When we get asked for the best leather work bags for women, the Classic Tote in all sizes is our number one suggestion!

Zipper Tote

If you love the look of the classic totes but are looking for something more secure and professional, our 5-Star Portland Tote with a top zipper added is the ideal solution. When you’re on the move, you’ll be surprised at how functional this bag is and how sturdy it can be even on the craziest of days!

It features all the same sizes and color options as the Classic Tote, so you can easily find the right bag to fit your needs.

Leather Backpacks are Perfect for Work (and more!)

Our leather backpack collection is constantly expanding as they become more and more popular. They are definitely some of the best leather work bags for women because they give you the hands-free freedom that we often need in our everyday lives. Great for biking to work, chasing littles around during the day, or simply as a fashion choice, our rich full-grain leather comes in various styles. Check out some of these bags that you didn’t know you needed:

Laptop Backpack

As we were developing this backpack, it was called “the tall one,” as it was taller than any other bags we had created. Now, it’s named after its most popular function, a laptop backpack. With a minimalistic design that goes with every style, this 15” tall pack fits a 15” laptop and everything you want to bring with you. It includes a large front pocket, plus a buckle-strap adjustment system.

Tote Backpack

As many requests came in, we decided to re-engineer our best-selling, medium Classic Tote into the perfect backpack. This leather bag is an ideal companion for work, weekend trips, and everyday life. Made with the same high-quality and U.S. sourced premium cowhides that all of our bags feature along with function and style, what’s not to love?

Leather Crossbody Bags

Another on our list of the best leather work bags for women are our leather Crossbody Bags. Functional, versatile, and beautiful, working women across the country love the adjustable crossbody straps. We have several styles that we think you will love:

Crossbody Tote

First on our list is the ever-popular Crossbody Tote. Simple, but stunning. This tote is sure to become your favorite everyday companion, as it transforms seamlessly from work to play. Featuring a spacious interior and exterior pocket, an optional zipper addition, and a removable crossbody strap, it is perfect for any occasion.

Mini Crossbody Tote

Our Mini Crossbody Tote is slightly smaller in size but not in beauty or functionality. The open interior, large front pocket and snap closure make our Mini the perfect choice for a casual Friday at the office, followed by happy hour with friends. As with any of our totes, the natural oils in the leather rise to the surface with time and use, allowing each bag to develop that coveted beautiful patina that smooths away any scuffs or scratches.

When you want a classic bag that you can feel confident bringing anywhere, then you’ll love our handcrafted crossbody bags that will last a lifetime.

Don’t forget to check out our strap extenders to find your perfect fit!

Festival Bag

Our small Festival Crossbody Bag is lightweight, simple and perfect if you’re constantly on the move at the office. Swap out your larger bag with this portable leather option that fits all the daily necessities, plus your phone and keys. Our customers love using this bag for a busy day of running errands. Standing at about 8.5” tall, this bag also has adjustable straps that range from 28” to 51” so you can adjust it to what is most comfortable to you.

The Best Leather Work Bags For Women Are At Portland Leather Goods

Have we convinced you yet that full-grain leather bags are the best choice for all your storage needs? Durable, beautiful, and highly functional – all the things you want when searching for the proper leather bag. When you take good care of your bag from Portland Leather Goods, it could last your entire career. However, we should probably warn you – once you have one, you’ll have a hard time not ordering more!