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The Biggest LEGO Sets For Your Collection

Add The Largest Sets Ever To Your LEGO Collection

Finding a new set to add to your LEGO collection is always exciting. It is even more exciting when those sets are large, eye-catching masterpieces. If you are ready to add an impressive new set to your collection, check out some of the largest LEGO sets ever released.

LEGO Art World Map

With 11,695 pieces, the LEGO Art World Map is the largest set created to date. This impressive item in the LEGO collection is 65 centimetres tall and 104 centimetres wide. A unique feature of this LEGO set is that it comes with its own soundtrack that allows you to listen to an audio tour of the world while you build. When you finish building it, you can hang it up on a wall to showcase your work.

LEGO Titanic

Our next largest LEGO collection item is the Titanic set, modelled to-scale after the famous ‘unsinkable’ vessel. Composed of 9,090 pieces, this is the longest LEGO set, measuring 1.35 metres in length. When the piece is finished, you can separate it into three parts and view small cross-sections of the ship.

LEGO Star Wars UCS Millenium Falcon

For Star Wars fans, there is an impressively sized LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Millenium Falcon replica that would look great in any collection. This spaceship is composed of 7,541 pieces and measures 84 centimetres long, 56 centimetres wide and 21 centimetres high. This huge replica of the Millennium Falcon has an impressive amount of external detail. You can look into several sections within the ship, including the cockpit, main hold, top gunnery station, and rear compartment.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

For Harry Potter fans, there is another large-sized LEGO collection project available: a model of Hogwarts Castle. This is a perfect item for anyone who loves the fictional school for witchcraft and wizardry. The set is huge, containing 6,020 pieces and measures 58 centimetres high, 69 centimetres wide, and 43 centimetres deep. You can find many of the iconic elements of Hogwarts Castle incorporated into this set, including moving staircases, the Great Hall, and various classes for subjects like potions and defence against the dark arts. This interactive LEGO set is the perfect statement piece in any Harry Potter lover’s collection. 

Large LEGOs for Any Collection

LEGO fans have a wide range of options if they want to incorporate a large piece into their collection. The sets mentioned in this article are some of the largest ever released, but there are many other options. Other giant sets include famous landmarks like Big Ben, the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower and other movie-themed sets like the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters. Take a look at LEGO’s website to browse the many impressive sets you can get started on today.