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The Case For Buying Used Designer Handbags

If you have pay attention to the pages of Instyle magazine or top influencers on Instagram then you have definitely been seeing gorgeous handbags and purses that may cost $300 and way beyond. If you are anything like me then you may find yourself gravitating towards the Burberry, Celine and Hermes purses.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have one of these amazing handbags, well you will probably always pay thousands to own a Birkin bag. Either way it goes you can own designer purses and handbags for way less than what you would pay if it were brand new.

The beauty of being a used designer Chanel purse or Michael Kors handbag is that you aren’t getting something that the dog chewed up and now someone doesn’t want it. There are amazing looking, like brand new used designer purses that are available for you to purchase. You may just have to do a little bit of research to find the product that you are looking for.

Buying consignment

When you buy consignment, you are not buying from a thrift shop. When it comes to consignment you are purchasing a product that the consignment store paid the seller to receive. Most thrift shops will take almost anything and the products that you buy from thrift stores were donated, with a consignment store you are dealing with a higher quality of items.

Consignment stores are in the business of making money off of gently used items. You can find several consignment stores in every major city and most big suburban areas. The great thing is that depending on the area that you are looking in the products in that store will be based on the clientele in that area.

If you are looking for a more high-end product than definitely look in a wealthier area when it comes to consignment. In these areas the people who are taking in the product have probably taken great care of their designer goods.

If you are wanting something a bit funkier or really interesting than look for consignment shops in college areas or the artsy cities/areas around where you live. You can find great things in consignment whether you have a throwback look that is based off of the 50’s or you wear very modern clothing.

Online consignment stores

There are so many different online consignment stores that are popping up. People are being able to buy and sell their gently used goods and make a profit in the process. Online consignment has really become a business for a lot of people who have tons of great products in their closets but don’t want to wear those products anymore.

Thredup is the largest online consignment store and thrift shop. Thredup sells over 35k different fashion brands. It started in 2009 as a men’s t-shirt swap service and has grown to be a company that now sells women’s, children’s, men’s, maternity fashions and accessories.

Thredup helps the environment by supplying upcycle centers which allows people to take clothes in to these centers to be redistributed instead of just throwing out their old clothes. Thredup receives and then puts up over 30,000 “new” pieces of fashion on to their site daily.

If you are looking for a used Chanel purse you can get one from at the most expensive being $5000, which can be over $7000 or more in other stores. You can also find many other Designer products on their website.

The RealReal is a luxury consignment business that doesn’t over 1.5 Trillion dollars of business. This company has products for Women, Men, Fine Jewelry, Watches, Art, Home, and Kids.

The RealReal will make sure that every product that they sell is 100% authentic. This means that when you buy a product from this company you don’t have to worry if it is a knockoff product because the people working for this company are already doing the leg work for you. That means that you can be assured that what you buy is what you will be getting.

The RealReal donates all the products they receive that cannot be sold on their site. By donating instead of throwing away these goods they are helping to not only keep goods that won’t break down out of landfills. Also, with them donating these goods they are giving back to people who may not be able to buy different clothes and goods.

Tradsey is a company that was founded by Tracy DiNunzio because of the tons of clothing she had in her closet that she knew she had never worn and possibly would never wear. This company is sells women’s clothing, maternity, wedding dresses, swimsuits, activewear and accessories.

You will get $50 off your first purchase and is available as an app on both Android and iPhone platforms. This allows you to enjoy buying from Tradsey no matter where you are. You can enjoy doing Spring Cleaning and getting a little something new in the process, who doesn’t love that.

Tradsey allows you to buy all kinds of different brands from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Givenchy. There are also brands like BCBG, Topshop, Zara and J.Crew.

Other places to buy used designer handbags

When it comes to the opportunity to buy used designer handbags and purses there are so many different places that are claiming that they have authentic designer products.

eBay has many different “designer” goods. The great thing about eBay is that they have a money back guarantee and are a well-known company. The sellers on eBay do have certain background checks that are done before they are able to sell on that huge platform. The goods that you get from this company should be what they claim to be.

There is also Facebook marketplace for buying used designer handbags. The great thing about Facebook’s marketplace is you can check out the persons profile before you decide if you want to buy from them. You can also do a search through their friends list to make sure that they are a real person. Buying through the marketplace doesn’t mean that you are getting a bonafide designer purse. You can ask for information about the purse and do research to make sure that the handbag is the real thing before buying.

Craigslist is another place that has used designer handbags and purses. The problem when it comes to Craigslist is that it is a mixed bag. You will find a lot of different people that are 100% legit and other people who would scam their best friend. In this medium ask A LOT of questions and use your best judgment when it comes to how the person is responding to you to see if you trust them to be who they say they are and if they would honestly have the authentic product that you are wanting.

One other possibility is if you have friends or family members who have amazing purses and handbags. If you are coveting their bag, tell them! You have no idea how many friends and family members may be sashaying around with a bag that they don’t even like. I saw a family member once tell a family friend how much she loved her purse and by the ending of the night that woman had purchased that other woman’s purse plus there was another purse that suddenly popped up and the family friend sold 2 designer purses in one night, at a family get together.

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