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The danger on our roads – 5 tips for avoiding car accidents

I think everyone finds the idea of being involved in a car accident utterly terrifying. Sadly, for thousands of people every year, that nightmare is a reality. And it is not just a car accident that is the reality. Trucks are also prone to crashing and they cause a lot of damage when they do, causing many in these situations to visit for advice. In fact anyone who is involved in any sort of road traffic accident usually needs to opt for professional help to get them justice or to get them back on track after the trauma of the ordeal. And if you’re involved in an Injury from a car crash that isn’t your fault, it can be even more difficult to accept. Click here if you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer after a car accident in Lafayette. 

Even those who are incredibly vigilant when driving can often be at the mercy of those who drink and drive, those who drive tired and those who just don’t pay attention. And while you can’t control the actions of everyone on the road, you may take comfort from the fact that if your approach to driving is safe, controlled and attentive, you may just save your life and even those of your passengers. 

Even as a qualified driver, you’re always learning, so read on for some simple driving tips that may help you avoid a car accident.

Distractions can kill

Just a few decades ago, the biggest distraction drivers had to worry about were the kids in the back. These days you’ve got a whole host of distractions to contend with. Whether that’s the loud music or podcasts from the radio or phone, your passengers, your phone and social media notifications and even the lights, screens and navigation tools that are built into your car. Being distracted means that you’re not giving the road ahead the attention is needs. So, with this in mind limit the distractions in your vehicle as much as possible.  

Don’t drive at night

Many of us received our drivers’ license with very limited experience of night-time driving. As such, driving at night can be incredibly daunting. You can easily be dazzled by the lights of oncoming vehicles when your own vision is already incredibly impaired due to the darkness. Reckless drivers are usually out in force at night, especially drink drivers so if you can limit your nighttime driving and stick to daylight, the safer you’ll be.

Look after your car

You can’t expect your car to perform and potentially save your life if you don’t look after it properly. Ensure that your brakes are in good working condition and your tyres are legal and filled with the correct amount of air. Ensure that oil and other engine fluids are topped up and that your lights and signals work efficiently. The better condition your car is in, the better it will perform in extreme circumstances.

Beware of extreme weather

Driving rain, sleet, hail and heavy snow. All of these are inconvenient at the best of times, however, when you’re behind the wheel, they’re potentially lethal. If you can avoid driving in these kinds of conditions do so. Ensure you have an emergency car kit in your vehicle, you’re listening to traffic updates, and you’re following appropriate driving advice. 

Never assume

Assuming the actions of the driver in front is never a good idea. And it’s never worth the risk. If you pull out in front of someone whom you believe is turning into the junction then you could cause a major accident. Take your time and never assume.