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The Difference Between Custom and Fine Jewellery

For millennia the human being has always been drawn by a desire to adorn themselves with ancillary accoutrements, all in an effort to enhance their beauty or to make a statement of cultural and social standing. In the beginning, this adornment started with bones, feathers and fur, progressing on to the precious metals of the day. Then came the discovery of gemstones, these were then used to further enhance the precious metals.

The precious metals were revered due to their rarity and purity. Gemstones, such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds emitted a mesmerizing, almost spellbinding, beauty unequalled by any other element or mineral on the planet.

Today, precious metals and gemstones are still combined to create items of jewelry which range from the subtly simple to the outrageously ostentatious. But they all have one thing in common, they are all beautiful in the eye of the beholder.

For jewelry beautification today the choices are endless. Walk down any street in any city and there will be outlets trying to tempt us with the sparkle and shimmer of metal and gemstone. For quality jewelry we now have the choice of custom made or fine jewelry. But, how would you choose between the two forms, and are there any real differences?

Fine Jewelry

In simple terms, fine jewelry is conceived and brought to life by inspirational designers, precious metal specialists, gemologists and highly skilled artisans. Although individually skilled professionals, they unify as one, and interact as a single cohesive unit. This creative unit brings to life items of inspired beauty within which each person sees something different, and for whom will have a different meaning.

Fine jewelry specialists have all the necessary skilled assets at hand. They employ the best designers, those who are perpetually inspired by life. They see the experience of life in a whirl of mental imagery and have the unique ability to convert those abstract visions into tangible designs of pure, glittering beauty.

They have their own controlled supply of precious metals, a supply which is, by them, tried, tested and trusted. Likewise, with gemstones, they can ensure only the best flawless stones with immaculate colour are sourced, cut and polished by their gemologists.

Fine jewelry specialists can then oversee their own skilled artisans as they bring all of these elements together and unify these multiple facets by breathing a single life into a new creation of quality, inspiration and beauty.

Custom Jewelry

Unlike a fine jewelry specialist, custom jewelry depends more on the individual person’s own inspiration. They rely on the person to tell them what they desire, how it should look and from what it should be created.

At face value this may seem the perfect way to ensure that you own a unique piece of jewelry. However, there are drawbacks to custom made jewelry. Having a jeweler make for you exactly what you want predetermines that you understand the many factors involved in creating your unique masterpiece.

It is very likely that the jeweler will need to source materials and specialist skills from other professionals with whom they are unfamiliar, thus not having a tried and tested history of supply and quality.

They will need to commission a designer to put your ideas into a visual image. For most people accurately expressing intricate images in their imagination in a concise and understandable manner, is not an easy task. Very often this can lead to designs being a compromise of what is actually in the mind’s eye.

There are also potential problems if a jeweler does not have precious metal specialists and gemologists at hand. Can they be sure of the metal purity, are the gemstones flawless, cut and polished to the highest standards?

A custom made piece of jewelry is certainly going to be more expensive, but the expense may not necessarily make it more valuable. The possibility of suspect material component quality, a lack of inspiration and difficulties in image expression for the design, can lead to a piece of jewelry that fails to impress.

Whichever way you choose to purchase your jewelry; it needs to be special to you. A quality piece that is right for you, will, metaphorically, speak to you. Through its precious metals and mesmerizing gems, it tells you a story that is unique to you. It may convey love, memories, hope or inspiration, whatever its meaning is, it is yours to embrace.

With a quality piece of fine jewelry, onlookers and admirers will also see their own story within its beauty. The difference being, theirs is only fleeting, whist yours is forever. To peruse your forever piece, go no further than Smart Arts Jewelry. This is a trusted supplier of top quality pieces, created by world class artisans, and an international company.