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The Interior Designer’s Knack for Spotting True Quality

Have you ever walked by some interior decor retailer’s display window and couldn’t help but take a pause to admire the sheer beauty of the arrangements? Now spare a thought for those homeowners who are perhaps doing up their interior spaces and are hit with the same awe, yet when they try to recreate what they saw in the display window things don’t quite work out the same.

This is something which happens a lot more often in the case of an actual showroom, where you can walk into the store and interact with the upholstery, furniture, lighting, ornaments and everything else which forms part of the display. Perhaps there are even different designs of mats covering the oak flooring in some patches.

Either way, there’s a very specific reason why homeowners often struggle to recreate the same visual effects they were effectively influenced to buy into and it has everything to do with the interior designer’s knack for spotting quality. Whether they possess the skill of great interior design as a natural talent that was given the platform to flourish, or indeed if they might have gone to school for to pursue interior design as a career and got a formal interior design qualification, an interior designer’s mind has evolved to inherently harbour the ability to spot true quality.

Design durability

Design durability is one of the consideration points interior designers look at when taking into account what constitutes quality. By design, if something has been manufactured to be durable, usually this physical durability translates to a high-quality appearance and how easily it can get damaged. For instance, while doing a home renovation, a designer might choose hardwood flooring due to its high durability, weather resistance, and other benefits like being scratch-proof, smooth finish, cost-effectiveness, etc. You can learn more about flooring materials through various company websites. Similarly, you can also look for other such interior products that can fulfill your interior requirements.

Style durability

Style durability is simply taking into account how long something which forms part of the interior design process is going to stay “trendy.” I use the word “trendy” with caution though, because usually, those styles which make up part of a contemporary trend don’t quite stay in-trend for so long. They tend to go out of fashion and can look old very quickly, which has interior designers leaning more towards classic designs as these remain relevant for much longer.

Functional durability

Functional durability brings into focus some interior design elements such as some of the best-engineered oak flooring you can find. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the interior designer’s books, which is to consider functional quality, which in turn simply means something which is built to perform a certain function retains its ability to perform that function for as long as possible. So hardwood flooring which is engineered to provide a solid base for an interior space looks just as great if it’s of the highest quality. Getting in touch with professional hardwood suppliers such as Sawmill Direct and alike, to get standard flooring for your house could be a wise decision to make.

So it’s all about durability, isn’t it?

Durability appears to be the name of the game, as applied to all the elements which go into the interior design process. That’s some information which is now readily available to anyone who comes across it, but by no means is it going to put any really good interior designers out of work. It’s still somewhat of an art and a skill which borders on talent which is possessed by the interior designer who has a knack for spotting true quality!