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The Toxic Effects of Body Shaming and How It Affects Us

Individuals and groups fight a daily battle against negative words. That is why body shaming is something that is hard to get over when you’re struggling with self-confidence. It’s easy to overlook the pain caused by body shaming, so take the time to reflect on the toxicity of each situation.

Nothing Is Perfect

A lot of people schedule a rhinoplasty surgery in order to chase perfection. Unfortunately, physical perfection doesn’t exist in the real world. A perfect face and body is still advertised as achievable in everyday media like magazines, television, movies and the internet. The internet in particular has been pretty hard on the average social media user. What they push as perfect is an idea that has slowly seeped into normal conversation.

Whether direct or indirect, the strong push for perfection has damaging mental effects on everyday people. As they are constantly told this is the ‘look’, their inability to attain it becomes an obsession. With a physical goal this unreachable, body shaming will always be a major concern. Instead of enjoying life as it is, people will get depressed with what society considers an outdated look.

We Live in A Society

It’s disingenuous to ignore the impact societal standards has on an individual or a group. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, we all tend to follow the same specific rules. Physical trends come and go, but body shaming stays in the same place. Being overweight is still considered a point of weakness. And in an amazing turnabout, being too pretty will make society call you a vain human being.

Trying to please society will just land you in another group of the bullied. Body shaming on all sides forces a person to change their look for the wrong reasons. It takes away your uniqueness, and makes it more likely you’ll change to another look that doesn’t fit your preferences. The acceptance of society should never be a driving force in changing your looks.

Cosmetic Surgery Is Not Bad

Body shaming is so toxic that it made the practice of cosmetic surgery seem like a cop out. Groups would make fun of your nose and then continue to make fun post nose job. This proves that it is a losing battle to chase the acceptance of strangers that insult you.

Cosmetic surgery provides a service for patients that want to change their look for the better. It has everything to do with the individual, and includes a sit down with the doctor. Gaining confidence is a big part of cosmetic surgery, but the mental portion is 100% up to the patient. The idea is that you’ll walk away with a new look, but still remain the same beautiful person on the inside.

Don’t Bury Your Feelings

Sometimes speaking up is the best way to get your point across. Body shaming should never be tolerated since it puts people down. Stand up for yourself, and when possible, stand up for others that are being bullied.