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The Ultra Modern Living Allure

It’s perhaps a little less so in this day and age because of the mere fact that things just change so rapidly, that being the fact that traditions are rather hard to transcend with the introduction of contemporary paradigms. This perhaps applies to pretty much every area of life, but what I’m specifically talking about in this instance is the world of design trends – interior design and lifestyle trends to be absolutely specific.

Not too long ago we were accustomed to some uniquely character-filled styles by way of how our mothers and grandmothers did up their houses, something which perhaps mirrored the common way of life. I mean you’d typically have a beautifully decorated house both on the inside and outside, with focus on the outside telling a story of how there was more of an emphasis on enjoying the outdoors than what we see today.

A couple of rocking chairs out on the porch seem to be a long gone memory by now, replaced by home designs that seek to maximise pretty much all the space for use in the interior of the house. It’s quite the jump from classic living to ultra modern living, but whether good or bad, ultra modern living is symbolic of the times we live in, where pretty much everything has to be clinical, precise and if there’s a time factor involved, it has to be efficient in that regard.

That’s why we have non-stain, quick-drying floors and other such “life-resistant” interior surfaces and that’s why often times a home could feel a little more sterile than what your grandma might approve of. It’s not all bad, if it’s bad at all to be honest.

I mean a home is made into exactly that by its occupants, so even if the interior space is dominated by super clean lines, shiny surfaces and it assumes a “life-resistant” appearance, you’re all still going to make a mess when you allow life to happen and you’re all still going to miss that feeling of the comforts of home when you’re out and away for too long.

So the allure of ultra modern living is deeply rooted in nothing more than the fast-paced life we’re all forced to live nowadays, as nothing more than a matter of survival. The “harder” surfaces you interact with aren’t meant to offer comfort for too long, merely as a means to stimulate productivity and efficiency, so that’s why it’s very difficult to find something like a super comfortable home office chair, for example.

The generally smaller-sized beds are designed to offer the best anatomical support so that you get a good night’s sleep for the few hours you can manage to get your shut-eye, as opposed to being built to have you lazing around in them for hours upon hours on end, over the weekend.

The ultra modern living allure is all about less being more, but there’s an element of disposability about it all. It’s not so much a matter of planned obsolescence per se, but rather about things being disposable so that they can be changed while one keeps up with the times.

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