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Things to Do Before Moving To New Apartment

Transferring to a new apartment can be eventful and stressful. There are many things to be settled and to be dealt with for a smooth, bump-free transfer. But there is a particular way of preparing oneself to transfer to a new apartment.



Here are a few things to do before transfer:

1. Settling things with the Current Landlord

Before moving, it is essential to settle things with the current landlord. Apart from notifying them about not renewing one’s lease, it is necessary to properly inform one’s current landlord of the specifics like what day will one be transferring or when would one return the keys, and so on.

2. Contacting the New Landlord


As you settle things with your previous landlord, it is crucial to get in touch with the new landlord and talk about specific vital concerns like when it is proper to move in, when would one get a hold of the apartment’s new keys, how would one settle the apartment’s rent and many more.

3. Renters Insurance

Having renters insurance is quite beneficial. It helps protect one’s belongings from damages caused by theft, water damage, fire damage, and the likes. If the injury occurred, renters insurance would insure a renter to a certain amount to cover the damages. Some landlords would require their renters to avail this type of insurance before settling payments and moving in. To be more certain of what the renters insurance covers as well as the payments involved, it would be wise to contact a Wisconsin State Farm Agent (or any reliable agents in the locale) to break down the various coverage plans and make the right decision suited to the renters’ needs.


If one has renters insurance from the previous apartment, all that needs to be done is to call the insurance agent and inform them of the transfer to update one’s account of the changes.

4. Setting Up the Utilities

It is essential to check the lease’s outline to know what needs to be settled by the renter. Usually, the landlord covers water and trash, and the renter is left with the internet, cable, and electricity to settle. It is much easier for a renter to set up the utilities essential to one’s lifestyle before moving in.

5. Pack Belongings

To have a smooth transfer, one should pack their belongings earlier. This way, having enough time would allow one to be organized as much as possible, lessening the chances of leaving things behind and, worse, damaging fragile items.


One should pack first the things that aren’t necessarily to the day-to-day activities like decorations, frames, and so on, and pack last the essentials of daily routines and label the boxes properly.

6. Cleaning the Apartment

As soon as one finishes packing and returning the keys to the landlord, it is essential to clean the apartment. Make sure to do deep home cleaning to make one’s previous apartment look as presentable, clean, and pleasant as it can be before transferring.

Some can consider hiring a maid service to do the deep cleaning if one is too occupied to do it.


Yes, transferring to a new apartment is never easy, but it does not mean that it can be too stressful. On the contrary, with these few steps, it can make transferring eventful but an organized one, which makes it way less stressful.