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Things to Do to Surprise Your Partner

When you are in a relationship there is a tendency to just buy gifts for each other on those big, landmark days. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and times like that are when we tend to treat our partners to gifts. However, you don’t need to wait until a special day to show your partner you love them. You can do it on a day to day basis.  On random days when they’re not even expecting it.

If you’re stuck for ideas. we can help you with some great gift tips below.

Have a Yes Day

This is self-explanatory really, but basically involves saying yes to everything they ask for or request throughout the day. Regardless of how ridiculous or crazy it is. So, if they want you to watch through their favourite chick flicks or conversely, they want to watch football all day, you just say yes and let them have their way.

Plan and Give Them a Romantic Meal for Two for No Reason

Candlelit meals are very romantic and a great way to mark a special occasion. However, why should romance be something reserved for special days? Why not take your partner by giving them a special meal on a random Wednesday or Thursday, just out of the blue? It doesn’t take a lot of effort – some candles, a nice bottle of something and a full three courses. If that doesn’t sweep them off their feet, we’re not sure what will.

Treat Them to an Awesome Gift Tower

Gift towers, as you’d imagine are a tower comprising of different sized gift boxes, containing different treats inside each. These are the kind of gifts that work on lots of different levels. They are stunning to look at and make quite a dramatic impact, but even once the first impression has faded, your partner is left with all the goodies to taste.

Do Their Least Favourite Chore

You are probably each responsible for your own chores. As a surprise for your spouse or partner, you could remind them just how much you care about them by taking it upon yourself to do that chore for them, so they don’t have to.

Place Secret Notes in Their Clothes

Obviously, you do this with their clean laundry. But, write by hand lots of little love notes about why you love them and hide them in the pockets of their clothes. You could crazy and make sure all their outfits are full of reminders of your love for them.

Coupon Book

No, we don’t mean coupons for their favourite shoe shop. We mean coupons handwritten by you offering a variety of different treats such as ‘This coupon entitles you to one head and neck massage’ or ‘This coupon entitles you to a day of no chores’. The list is endless with what you can include. A completely free and easy way to remind your partner that they are still important to you.

Although our list is not particularly exhaustive, it is a great starting point to get your creative mind thinking of interesting curve-ball gifts and treats you can give to or do for your partner, when they are least expecting it.