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This summer’s Floral Dress Colours

The health, beauty and fashion worlds have definitely sailed into some unchartered waters, each individually and as a collective. The world is slap-bang in the middle of having to navigate some crazy times and what is essentially this universal watershed moment has infiltrated the very fibres of the garments in the summer fashion spotlight.

When you jump online on fashion-based sites like loveshackfancy and sort through the many available options, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. If anything, starting your search online could have you uncovering some pieces which you’d have otherwise missed had you been shopping the traditional way of visiting a store physically.

I’m specifically talking about summer floral dresses, more so their colours than the actual design. Some interesting developments have, perhaps for the first time in modern history, caused trends to linger a little longer if they’re not spruced up with the twist required to essentially make our ideal look go further and stay fresh. You can look at it from one of two points of view, a positive one and not-so-positive one, but there’s no guessing which one I’m personally championing…

While some might see the inability to go out and shop for their latest summer cloth as a hindrance to their nose for honouring trends (with their own stylish twist, of course), others, like me see the same silver lining in the situation as that which subtly runs through emergent, lingering summer floral dress colours like pastel blue, among others.

I’m certainly not any kind of rich and famous celebrity and so I absolutely support wearing a piece more than once. I mean that’s why washing machines and detergent were invented.

Still, I bet just like me, if you did indeed have the budget for it then you’d never wear a piece more than once, but that shouldn’t even be on your mind right now, or ever…

In reality you can never go wrong with pretty much any design as far as your summer floral dress goes, with the brightest colours most recently being trendy. This time around though and this includes the period before the crazy times we’ve been subjected to — this time around the brightest of colours for the floral prints seem to be giving way to colours that are a little more understated. The right word is probably not “unpretentious” or anything like that, but rather something like “composed” or, even better, “poised.” You know? Like how a lady quintessentially carries herself…

We’re keeping things positive here, in the true spirit of what summer is all about…

So whereas you’d previously have something like a bright red, green, orange, or even yellow, this time around it’s more about colours that match the generally “chill” and laid-back mood; colours like turquoise. This would be for either of the design elements — be it the base of the floral dress colour scheme or the colour of the floral prints themselves.

Interestingly enough, it appears as if we’re moving past prints altogether, at times, adding real meaning to the phrase “making a statement with what you wear.” The fact that floral summer dresses mirror their price in the quality of the garments and the finish, wills any prospective suitor to draw on their courage and come a little closer.

Hey, I’m not trying to pull you into some single-ladies-seeking rabbit-hole here, but basically what I’m saying is take something like a contemporary, aqua floral summer piece into account and you’d have to get a little closer to the person wearing it to get a true appreciation of its splendour. For you and I that would likely happen in a shop somewhere, where we’d run the dress through our fingers and realise that it is in fact not a plain aqua coloured dress, but rather one which has some subtle, floral detailing, presented as more of a stitched pattern that comes into view beautifully, as someone standing at a comfortable distance would notice.

Just a shade or two darker on the dominant, cool colour does well to achieve a similar effect, but since this is then naturally floral print (instead of stitching), these types of floral summer dress designs would be a little cheaper and so you can buy more variations.

Look, it’s probably long since become obvious that any one of the quieter shades of blue is the “in” hue, but during those times when you don’t really want to radiate the outdoorsy, beachy vibe, this summer has options such as an opaque poncho piece with a darker shade of the same hue underneath.

We will always love our floral designs when it comes to summer dresses, but in line with current events, this time around the “understatedness” spills over into the practicality of its application. This time around the trend goes beyond just how you’d look rocking an “in” floral summer piece.