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Tips On Keeping Flu Season Out Of Your House

Spring is upon us, which means we will soon be officially out of the flu season. However, we’re not in the clear yet. Even if you and your family have gotten flu shots, it doesn’t mean you can’t get other strains of the flu. It’s even harder to avoid when different members of your family bring it home with them. Either your spouse caught it from someone at the office or one of the kids brought it home from school from one of their peers. Your house should be a safe haven from the outside world. Even though you may not be able to dodge it completely, here are some precautions to take at home to help fight against it.

Use a laundry sanitizer

You should try to use a laundry sanitizer with every load, but especially during cold and flu season. Some bacteria can still survive when washing a load in cold water, which is why a sanitizer is recommended. Doing laundry every day might be a bit much on your water bill, but if you can gather a big enough load more often, it may help to get rid of lingering germs sooner.

If you have a newborn, keep in mind that you should throw all of their washable items into the wash every time they’ve been used in public. Things like a baby chest carrier, baby shopping cart cover, changing pads, and stroller covers should all be washed with a laundry sanitizer because of how many times they are touched or used in public places.

Clean your washing machine

Cleaning your washing machine is just as important as doing your laundry. In order for your washer to keep its cleaning power, you’ll need to clean it out periodically to make sure the dirt and gems from your dirty clothes don’t permeate the inside of your washing machine. By using a washing machine cleaner once a month, your clothes and your washer should be germ-free.

Use disinfectants

There are several household items that get shared often. Items such as remote controls, the family’s computer keyboard, door knobs, and handles are all items that make it easy to pass along germs. Keeping disinfectant wipes nearby makes wiping down these items easy and convenient. Wiping down everything from door handles, kitchen drawers and refrigerator handles, and the baby’s high chair, to light switches, bathroom knobs, and countertops can make a difference in keeping the house a little more sanitary.

Wash Your Hands

You can never wash your hands enough and it’s the first thing you should do when you step foot in the house. Washing your hands properly before touching anything in the house should be part of your family’s routine. The CDC is always advising the public to wash their hands in order to avoid spreading and contracting germs from viruses and illnesses.

Along with washing your hands, you should also make it a habit of changing your clothes when you get home. Think about all of the public places you sat, leaned on, walked through, and rubbed against. Changing into a fresh set of clothes makes it more hygenic to cuddle your little ones and keep your furniture decontaminated.

By taking a few extra precautions around the house, your family may be able to stand a chance at keeping the flu away from your home. If you feel like you need more tips, the CDC website is full of helpful resources and information.