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Tips to wear statement rings like a queen

Do you want to change your wardrobe and jewellery game?

The best decision you can do is to incorporate fashion jewellery pieces in your outfits and attires. Statement jewellery items always catch the eye and never go unnoticed in any way. Statement rings, also known as cocktail rings. These are unique fashion rings such as, diamond, gemstone, gold and more.

Statement rings are known for being bold, attractive, rare and stylish. They way you wear a ring and the type of ring you wear says a lot about your personality as a woman, Intriguing right!

The diamond jewellery is known to be a fashion statement in it’s own way.

Wearing the right statement ring with the suitable outfit makes a great deal of difference in your overall impact of the look.

Be it diamond necklace designs or diamond statement ring designs, there is a wide range of intricate designing available today.

Let’s look at some great tips to rock your statement rings like a queen:

Right ring for the right occasion

For the workplace, pick something moderate so it’s not “to an extreme”. Formal occasions are ideal for your greatest, most exciting rings

Easygoing events with companions are incredible for particular, energetic rings. It is crucial to choose a ring that compliments your outfit according to the occasion that you are attending.

Choosing the perfect gemstone

In order to have a chic and classy look that compliments you as a person, it is significant to go for the suitable gemstone. From topaz to ruby and emerald, there are different designs present for each gemstone. You must go for the gemstone that suits your skin undertone and looks beautiful on you.

A ring that says it all about ‘YOU’

Choosing that perfect statement ring for your outfits says a lot about you as a woman. It shows your style and personality without you having to say much about it. It is something that flashes unsaid. Jewellery says quite much in an undaid way. Make sure you always choose what goes with your style.

A ring that suits your handshape

Always choose a ring that suits your handshape. Going for the right design and shape is important to compliment your hand type. Make sure you have well groomed hands.  Go have that manicure and adorn your hands with that statement ring. It will make people go Gaga!

Dainty hands – a thin band and a basic plan will look best.

Long fingers – you can steal away a huge, striking plan.

Wide fingers – pick a ring that covers however much of the width of your finger as could be expected.

Short fingers – pick a stretched plan to make your fingers look longer.

Styling it the right way

A ring shouldn’t conflict with your outfit, so pick your garments first. A strong hued ring will look best with designed apparel.

Multi-hued diamonds look extraordinary with regular clothes. A brilliant hued diamond flies against dark, dim and white attire.

At last, coordinate your ring to your nail colour which assistants to arrange your look.

Choosing the right colour, and the right style of your ring is important to make sure that it goes well with your attire. You would want it to look stylish but also something that compliments your look. Make sure that you make a wise choice of metal, stones and designs.

No matter what you wear, own it and wear it with style and confidence. The best thing about fashion statement rings is the fact that they can uplift your outfit and your whole mood. Choose what suits your style and personality the best. A unique ring will reflect your personality in unimaginable ways.