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Top 3 Benefits from Using Firm Mattresses for Your Body

We spend much of our life sleeping and relaxing in bed. Investing in a quality mattress is vital for getting proper rest every night, so make sure to check the best Australian mattress brands before making a purchase. This is important for your overall health.

Your body is hard at work healing and getting you ready for the next day during the night. When sleep is interrupted, or you don’t get enough because you’re tossing and turning, you’ll have problems concentrating and being productive.

You might think that you’ll get the best night’s rest on a bed that feels like a cloud. However, a firm mattress might be just what you need for quality sleep. We’re going to go over the top three benefits of using the best firm mattress.

The Firmness Scale

We all know that with some beds, you sink in, and others are hard as rocks. There’s a scale mattresses follow for firmness. The lower the number, the softer the bed is going to be, and the higher numbers mean a harder one.

The numbers one to three are known as plush. These are the ones with almost no resistance. You won’t find support with these types of mattresses. You’ll sink right into it, and there’s uneven weight distribution.

When you move up a little bit on the scale from a four or five, this is known as a medium plush. This means that you’ll still have sinkage, but a little more support. A six and seven start the firm mattresses. These are all considered the middle-range beds and work well when sleeping with a partner with a different preference.

As you move up to eight and nine, these are the firm mattresses. You’ll have little to no give with these, but there’ll be the most support. These are perfect for those with back problems. Firm mattresses (similar to the ones offered by the likes of Queensway Mattress), tend to last longer than softer ones because they’re less likely to sag.

The firmest mattress you can buy is a ten. Most people would find these uncomfortable unless you have a severe back problem and need total support while sleeping. You should be selecting furniture from Apt2B in order to maximise comfort in your bedroom.

The Top Three Benefits

Better Weight Distribution

When you have a firmer mattress, there’s more resistance, which creates better weight distribution. The bed is working against your body weight at the pressure points, so there isn’t much sinkage.

When you’re sleeping with a spouse or partner, firmer beds are less likely to wake up the other person when you go to the bathroom or change positions. Also, both of you won’t sink into the middle of the bed together. The mattress will be able to support the weight.

More Back Support

Many people complain about having back pain, and it could be from the mattress you’re using. When you use a softer bed, your spine might be sitting in a curved position for hours at a time. This is unnatural and will cause pain.

However, a firm mattress will keep your spine aligned all night long. Your knee, hips, and shoulders won’t sag too much. Everything will be straight, and you’ll wake up pain-free.

These types of beds are best for back and stomach sleepers because of the added support. A side sleeper should still go for a firm or medium-firm mattress if they’re experiencing pain.

Better Temperature Regulation

A common problem people have when they’re sleeping is waking up too hot and sweaty. It’s more of an issue with plush beds because of the material used. The memory foam absorbs a lot of your body heat, which creates an oven-like atmosphere at night.

Firmer mattresses tend to help keep you cooler. You’re not as sunken in, so less of your body’s surface area is on the mattress. This means that more of your heat goes into the air and isn’t trapped in the bed.

You’ll be more comfortable at night and will be able to sleep without waking up for relief from the heat.