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Top 5 Hair Accessories You Need to Have Today

Hair accessories can either make or break your look. Some people may not be paying that much attention or make an effort to put a little something to your hair, but something small such as a hair accessory can actually tie an outfit together.

Believe it or not, some people go out to run some errands without taking any shower. However, as simple as adding a hair accessory can make it seem that you actually made an effort to look decent. Hiding how messy your hair really is can get a bit tricky, especially when you have no idea which accessories would be best to use in the given situation. 

Fret not, because we will be listing the top five hair accessories that you need to have in this day and age.

Decorated Bobby Pins

You can never go wrong with bobby pins, especially if it is the decorated ones. Plain, black bobby pins are in every girl’s hair accessory boxes. Opt for bobby pins with pearls or rhinestones. One bobby pin with a colorful and stylish design can be enough, but you can always add one more, or maybe even a ton of it if you feel that your look is still not complete.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

These days, achieving long locks can be done in a snap! Thanks to clip-in hair extensions, you can easily clip in your existing hair and instantly get the length that you desire. Another great thing about these extensions is that they are widely available and come in different colors to suit your natural hair. They also come with multiple clips, so you can be sure they won’t fall off, no matter how busy your daily routine may be. 


If today is not a great hair day for you, and your hair just would not cooperate, no matter how long you have tried styling it, go for a headband to keep your baby hair in place. If you want to feel like royalty, wear a red padded headband as Kate Middleton did at her nephew, Baby Archie’s, christening. If you are going for ala Blair Waldorf look, go for much-sophisticated ones. Alternatively, if you want something completely unique and not worn by anyone else before, go for Custom Headbands – Design and Create Online. With headbands, you can make sure that not even a strand of your hair will be out of place.


Scrunchies are making a huge comeback, and it will be staying for quite a while this time around. The bigger and colorful the scrunchie, the better. If you are too pressed for time and do not have the luxury to mix and match some accessories, wear a scrunchie that you think would go well with your outfit, and you are good to go. You can also take a look at a “bunchie” from RingBandits or similar stores, which is a bandit-scrunchie, one with a hidden Velcro pocket to store small items in. If you forgot to bring a hair tie because you were so focused on choosing which accessories to get, just grab the bunchie on your wrist and tie your hair with it.

Hair Barrettes and Clips

If you think that hair barrettes and clips like those butterfly ones that used to be the trend back in the late ’90s are out of style, you are mistaken because they are slowly making a comeback in different shapes, sizes, and forms. If styled correctly, that can be the icing on the cake, and give you a chic-vibe. Whether you are wearing your hair in a sleek ponytail or in braided style, you can add clips anywhere to add a pop of color into your hairdo.

Now that you know all of the must-have accessories, you can head to the nearest accessory store and grab yourself a few pieces for a chic-er look.