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Top 5 Signs You Need Urgent Eye Care

The eyes are one of the most crucial parts of the human body. They give us vision, and loss or decrease in our vision would be devastating. Our eyes are subject to getting affected by many things that can make them act differently than usual. Most of these issues are harmless and might clear themselves up with time. However, it’s worth noting that the eyes are quite delicate, and sometimes treatment may be needed quickly to prevent long-lasting vision damage. Using services like macular degeneration, Hell’s Kitchen, you are sure that you will get proper treatment and avoid potential permanent vision loss. If you are still questioning if you should see an eye doctor, the following are some signs you probably should;

1. When a foreign object(s) get into your eyes

If your eyes come into contact with dirt, grit, chemicals, this can affect your vision, and you should seek medical attention right away. If your eyes get chemicals or small bits of debris, you use cold, clear water for at least fifteen minutes to wash them off. Washing away immediately helps prevent further damage. If anything foreign gets into the eye, never rub it because it can cause it to spread around. Likewise, if it is too severe, you need to make an emergency appointment like something stuck in the eye.

2. Weeping eyes

Most people do not realize it, but it could be because of blocked or inflamed tear ducts when there is excessive tear production. While eyes sometimes weep when the tears are for an extended period and excessive, it could be because there’s a more severe illness. Please do not take it lightly because you may damage your eye and sometimes lose vision the longer you wait.

3. Extra sensitivity to light

If you notice that your eyes are becoming overly sensitive or you are starting to see a halo around a light, you might have developed extreme sensitivity to light. This is considered to be a severe condition which is why it should be examined by a qualified eye doctor like the ones at Village Vision Center or a similar eye clinic near you. Most people think it is because of lighting patterns changes, but it might be more than that. The damage could be internal and require extra care from a specialist.

4. Severe eye pain and occasional migraines

Conditions like glaucoma affect vision significantly and, if not attended to, can cause permanent damage. One of the signs of such emergencies is severe eye pain, vomiting, nausea, and headaches. Also, there is a significant risk of optic nerve damage when there is raised eye pressure. So, if you are experiencing severe eye pain or migraines, it seems essential to visit an eye doctor that offers eye pain and glaucoma treatment in West Palm Beach, FL (or wherever you live) to check and treat the problem before it gets worse.

5. Eye infection

Swollen, itchy and red eyelids could mean there is an eye infection. Likewise, having the whites of the eyes discolored pink or having a discharge should be of concern. It is worth noting that you may fail to have these symptoms, but that does not mean your eyes are not infected. If you have any doubts, make sure you book an eye exam immediately or an appointment with the doctor.

Most eye emergencies are treatable, but only if medical attention is sought early enough. Some eye injuries can lead to permanent eye damage, including blindness when left untreated. Make sure if you feel something is amiss with any or both eyes, you seek medical assistance to get the proper care.