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Top Paper Crafts for Your Next Project

Papercraft is a go-to activity for kids of different age groups. The best part: it’s cheap, easy to make and readily available. Not many other extra materials are needed to create papercrafts. You can also buy ready-to-prepare paper crafts at CraftOnline and other such stores for making crafts.

You can use paper to decorate birthdays, festivals, weddings, baby showers, or centrepieces for home and anything you like. Paper is magical; it just needs your creativity and imagination to turn it into a wow thing. So, get set ready with some fantastic craft ideas for your next project.

Paper Lanterns

It’s a fun activity for the kids and simple to make. You can give it a creative touch using some lovely acrylic colours and cut-outs.  As lovely spring is approaching, it’s perfect for your backyard parties, barbecues and Sunday brunches. Choose your favourite colours and line these paper lanterns in your driveway to welcome your guests.

Paper Animal Masks

Paper masks just fit in perfectly at your kid’s birthday party, a fun activity for the kids, learning about the animals and more. Start with a paper template of your choice sprinkled with your creativity to create lovely, real-like animal masks. Every mask will be a masterpiece of your kid’s imagination.

Paper Wreath

Get the most of the leftovers with this exciting activity. All you need is some patterned sheets of paper and embellishments left from your Christmas or new year’s decoration. The exciting part, it can be customised and goes perfectly well with any seasonal decoration. You can buy sheets, trimmer, scissors, or even readymade options for your papercrafts at the CraftOnline store.

Paper succulents

Succulents are aesthetic plants that need no maintenance and fill your home with their warmth and greenery. Pick your favourite succulent and turn it into a creative craft activity. It will liven up your space, adding some unique colour and texture to it. Any paper will do the job, in texture and colours you like.

Flower Bouquet

A paper flower bouquet is a lovely rendition of a typical flower arrangement. Make the ferns first and then put them together on a wire with hot glue. The floral tape will give a natural stem look to your wire. Complete your bouquet with some sticker flowers. Place this bouquet on your centre table or your bedroom. It will last more than any real flower bouquet.

Feature Gift Box Topper

This unique gift box topper will add more charm to any normal gift packaging. All you need is paper, just any regular paper. Start cutting it in the shape of a feature and fold it in half. Then, fringe the edges using a scissor. That’s it! It’s ready to be placed on the top of any gift using a string or ribbon.

Matchbox Container

Use any normal matchboxes of your choice and transform them into a lovely artifact. Imitating book volumes, they look beautiful on any study table. Take a print out of your favourite book covers and paste them on the matchboxes. Fill them with stuff like buttons, pins, etc. These are extremely simple to make and clean out your table clutter.

Leaf Garland

Paper leaf garland is an easy paper craft that needs no silhouettes or a circuit machine. You just need a few coloured papers in your choice of shade and a pair of scissors. Cut the leaves as you like them. You can try making them in a bunch too. Add some tropical paper flowers if you want. This leaves garland is ready to jazz up any corner of your home.

Papercraft ideas are great to keep the kids engaged and help them creatively learn new things. Paper crafts give a push to their creativity and also help to improve their motor skills.