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Top tips for making your home feel cosier

As the long nights draw in, and the days become colder, the best place to be is somewhere cosy and warm, curled up with a good book, or your favourite box set, enjoying a mug of tea – bliss. Your home might not automatically feel cosy, so here are some things you can do to make things cosier this year.

All about the lighting

Mood lighting with a warm glow is what you are looking for. You could get E27 LED bulbs that are dimmable, so you can control the level of light day-to-day. It’s time to turn off the main light and get cosy with lamps, fairy lights and candles. Choose bulbs that have a warmer colour, rather than bright light, in order to make the room feel cosier. Fairy lights look magical and are super cheap, and candles have the added bonus of adding a sweet smell to the room too if you wanted it to.


Is there any joy as nice as cuddling up under a thick blanket? Choose a blanket or throw that goes with your room decor, and try out different thicknesses – in fact, why not go all out and have a basket full of different blankets for guests to choose from? Teddy bear fleece is incredibly soft but could get a little warm. Some people love a classic knitted blanket, whereas others might just like a thinner fleece for the effect, or even faux fur if that’s your style.

Light a fire

If you have a fire, there is nothing quite like it for making a room cosy and magical. Not only will it keep the room toasty and warm, but the sounds and smells that come from a real log fire cannot be beaten. If your house doesn’t have a fireplace, you can just use a video on your TV to give a similar effect. Although it won’t give off any actual heat, pair the sounds of the crackling wood, and the magical flames with your central heating and it won’t be far off!


If you want to make your home seem cosier in the long-term, and you have a bigger budget, consider swapping out light-coloured furniture for darker wood. Add layers with rugs and keep the colours of your accessories warm. When choosing pieces, think of the Scandinavian styles of Hygge, rather than IKEA flatpacks.

We have all spent more time than ever at home this year and it hasn’t been easy. That said, our homes have been our sanctuary from everything going on in the world, and at times, it’s felt like a safe space. Making it feel cosy and warm can be the difference from it being that safe space, and feeling like a prison that you’re stuck in. It doesn’t have to cost a lot – you can grab candles and blankets and stick a fire on TV, but the glow you get inside on a rainy evening will be worth it.