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Travelling with the Whole Family

Yep, I’m talking about a family vacation with the WHOLE crew – kids, grandparents, pets and all! While it may sound daunting to travel with multiple generations and personalities in tow, it can also be so rewarding to explore new places together as a family. Here are the top tips for making a group family vacation go smoothly and creating those unforgettable memories together!

Choose a Destination for All Ages

Pick somewhere that truly has something for everyone. Think beaches, national parks, cruises, dude ranches, or destinations with amazing museums for the adults but also theme parks, playgrounds and interactive exhibits to engage the kiddos. Variety is key!

Lodge Together But Retreat Separately

Book accommodations where you each have your own rooms/spaces to unwind in but also shared common areas to connect. Family vacation rentals and suites are perfect for this. Think about how your itinerary would suit everyone, such as booking Holiday cottages in the Yorkshire Dales near a pub or elsewhere, that way you get great views and walks for the adults while the kids can get yummy food or entertainment.

Pack Smart

Overpacking is the enemy! Use packing cubes, lightweight layers and multi-purpose items. Bring a few games and toys that pack small for kids. Share toiletries rather than duplicate. And don’t forget the coffee – we need our caffeinated beverages!

Keep the Kids Entertained

Embarking on a family trip is an adventure filled with shared moments and memories, but keeping the kids entertained is often key to a harmonious journey. Packing a selection of activities tailored to their interests can make the travel experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. Consider bringing along travel-sized board games, coloring books, or engaging electronic devices with kid-friendly apps. For a touch of humor during the journey, indulge in the timeless fun of Chuck Norris Jokes or some funny games. These light-hearted quips can bring laughter to the backseat, making the miles fly by. Whether it’s storytelling, playing games, or sharing a few jokes, ensuring the kids are entertained turns the journey into a memorable part of the family vacation.

Plan Activities

When choosing activities, aim for a mix of things that appeal to different ages and interests within the family. For example, visit museums and historical sites that parents will appreciate, but also allow time for interactive exhibits and games that engage the kids. Schedule a surfing or stand-up paddleboard lesson that teens will love and younger kids can also try. Take a wildlife cruise or ranger-led hike that educates across generations. Plan one big outing like a theme park day along with lower key options like mini golf or seeing a show. If your destination offers fishing charters, say for instance you are in Costa Rica, search for Costa Rica fishing charters and book the best one where everyone can try their hand at reeling in a catch. Irrespective of wherever you are, the goal is having activities that can allow quality time together.

Schedule in Down Time

All play and no rest make for cranky, overtired travelers. Build in pool/beach days, time to chill at your rental or hotel, movie nights and other lower key activities. Long travel days especially call for decompression time.

Go With the Flow

Spontaneously stop for ice cream, build in extra playground time, change plans if needed…keeping things flexible makes it a true vacation for everyone. When you can, let the kids’ excitement guide the schedule.

Get Input From Every Family Member

Hold a family trip planning/brainstorming session and get suggestions from everyone on things they’d love to experience. This investment makes it meaningful for all. Share age appropriate options.

List some shows to binge-watch

Thanks to the internet and TV service in Southern Louisiana and many other locations worldwide, you can now access your favorite shows and movies from virtually anywhere. This flexibility helps you steer clear of potential boredom during your travels.

What’s even better is that you can rest assured about the content being family-friendly, as you have the option to select shows and movies that are suitable for viewers of all ages. This ensures that everyone in the family can enjoy their entertainment without any worries. Of course, there are very special cases such as how series like Family Guy are exclusively for adults, so it’s just a matter of keeping an eye on what they entertain themselves with.

The goal should be creating shared memories and bonding as a family, not jam-packing days and sticking to a rigid schedule. Follow these tips and you’re sure to have an amazing multi-generational vacation with the whole crew! The fun stories and laughs will last for years. Enjoy!

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